Finalists / Kirby D

Kirby D.

23.83% weight loss *

*Results not typical

Kirby D Front

My journey began in a previous 90-Day Challenge in which I lost 90 lbs. Since then, my brother-in-law was shot and killed; this traumatic experience left my wife and son with severe depression and I gained 105 lbs. My coping mechanism for this was eating and drinking.

Anthony Zirrolli, a Master level trainer at my home club in Columbia, Maryland emailed me and reminded me that I had many Personal Training sessions remaining. With his encouragement I returned to Life Time. I needed to get my health in check. I had reached nearly 305 lbs, my high blood pressure and blood panels were alarming. I felt sluggish, and had constant joint pain.

The 60-Day Summer Challenge was the perfect opportunity my family and I needed to restart my “healthy way of life.” My high blood pressure had gotten to the point that I was having severe headaches and my doctor was worried I might have a stroke. My body fat was my biggest priority, I had lost the weight in the past and I was determined to do it again.

Life Time helped me achieve all my goals in only 60 days. A huge motivator was the elliptical with a TV, this helped me push through those tough moments. The Life Time vitamins helped my blood pressure, I went from 190/140 to a normal 120/80. My headaches and dizziness are completely gone. With Anthony’s expert training and all the equipment Life Time offers I was able to drop 68 lbs and 53% fat! I utilized my own low carb diet plan along with meals from the LifeCafe for dinner, this assured I ate properly at all times. Once I started to lose the weight the swelling in my hands and all my joints disappeared.

I have unlimited energy which allows me to participate with my family whether through hiking or other activities. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is not to be in constant pain, my joints ached endlessly. I no longer drown my sorrows and pretend that the problems don’t exist, I’ve tackled them head on. We are eating better as a family, though I am met with some resistance!

I found the best way to maintain my healthy lifestyle is to try and involve the entire family. I drag them to the Club whenever possible and try to bring healthier foods into the house. The keys for my success are continuing to see my trainer and to eat well daily. My family and I will be forever grateful to Life Time for helping us get through our problems!

But wait, I’m not finished yet; my goal weight is still 185lbs, and I plan on joining the August 2017 60-Day Challenge to complete this journey!