Finalists / Olga B

Olga B.

23.94% weight loss*

*Results not typical

Olg B Front

After I lost my parents, one injury after another one…. I was binge eating. I lost self-confidence. I felt very unhealthy.

And due to last visit to the doctor regarding an injury, he prescribed blood work. The results said that most of them were abnormal and I required immediate attention. That caused high blood pressure, high sugar, poor heart rate, depression, vitamin D deficiency, hard breathing – all the health issues that made my life uncomfortable and stressful.

“You have to start dieting,” he said. “See you in October.”

I was surprised. What can cause this?! I am a member of Life Time and I do weight lifting, have vitamins, and some supplements. BUT I was not going regularly, especially with workouts, being very often out of city. In addition to this, I’m a stress eater.

I went to Life Time to close my membership until my injury improved. As soon I got to Life Time, Robby Love was coming to my way, like he read my mind, with his wide beautiful sincere smile and at the same moment I felt that as always he will help me in my situation.

After hearing all my story, he said “You have a chance to try the 60-Day Challenge.” “Of course we will give you time to recover, but trust me this is your chance to get better.”

I registered and spoke with available PO Trainer Linda. And my life changes started with Nutritionist Britany. Adviser Allison in addition to that, should be good metabolic assessment in my case. I’ve noticed since the first day until the last day, all the trainers/instructors were working as a team, helping me start the 60-Day program and reach my goal.

(1) During the Challenge, my goal was to lose weight 40+ pounds. so that I can breathe, move, and eat right.

(2) How did Life Time help me achieve my results?

  1. All of the complimentary classes on Tuesday and Saturday were very educational.
  2. Nutritionists Brittany, Kelly, and Jason
    • Recommended I do the food sensitivity test and;
    • Exclude food (especially cheese, that is my weakness because I don’t eat meat or no sugar including alcohol, bread, PORTION control and so on).
    • Healthy and right eating (protein, good fat for energy and metabolism ) and when to eat. (VeganMax)
    • TOX !!!
    • Supplements

“You can live in Life Time: everything you need is balanced and in Cafe.” My weight went very quickly down, first 30 days 30 pounds.

  1. Metabolic assessment with Jason. The test said that I burn more carbs than fat.  Jason assigned the program to follow. The first 30 days, my body fat didn’t want to move, and then it started noticeably decreasing. Some additional advice from Michel and Cathy was very helpful.
  2. Smart shopping at the grocery store with Melissa. She shared with us the secrets of healthy eaters.
  3. TEAM classes with Kelly, and Kathy (cardio and weight loss).
  4. Pilates with Natalie and Sharla – core exercises use and posture – actually play an important role in weight loss.
  5. Foam rolling with Coogen and Adam.

What I noticed is all of the trainers are very professional and talented, and have their own methodology that works in ALL cases.

(4) Even though it is short period of time to lose weight and apply necessary products, it changed my lifestyle: Healthy eating, balanced and smart workouts, more physically active, I get good sleep, CONFIDENCE, and good mood. My energy is boosted, I dropped pounds, and feel happier than ever. MEDICATIONS are on the shelf :)

(5) I am planning to maintain the changes: Continue my education and practice with 60-Day Challenge, and start group classes and personal training (Pilates, TRX, yoga, muscle build).