Finalists / Alisha P.

Alisha P.

Dublin, OH

Alisha P

Falling off track seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. Maybe I was in denial, maybe I was unmotivated, maybe I was convinced that being a single mother and working full time was a valid excuse for not making changes in my lifestyle to be the healthiest and happiest me. As someone who spent many years with an eating disorder, i knew it would be an everyday battle for me. I gave up on my love for fitness when I couldn’t bring myself to eat the way I should to give my body energy. I felt tired, unmotivated, unhappy and lacked self-confidence. This struggled consumed my life and took away all opportunity of personal growth. I would fight the battle yet continue to fall to self-doubt and improper body image evaluation.

Being a woman my daughter can look up to truly was the fuel to the fire in my recovery.  Conquering the negative mindset by putting my focus into fitness and nutrition has truly been a game changer for me.

For years I’ve searched for the foundation to a truly healthful and productive lifestyle- a lifestyle that would force me to a place of honest self-reflection. I found that cornerstone rock in the Life Time 60day and in the guidance of my trainer, Adonnai Santos.

When I took a big step for myself and joined the 5am group with Adonnai Santos, I was truly blown away. Waking up for fasted cardio followed by small group training became something I looked forward to everyday. The group was so encouraging and motivating, and Adonnai challenged us every day. When Adonnai saw my dedication, he recommended the 60day. When he mentioned this to me, it got me thinking about where I could be in 60 days if I truly wanted it. The transformations I had seen in the past were truly so inspiring. It can seem overwhelming to imagine what it takes to achieve a mind and body transformation in just 60 days, but the opportunity in itself is something that motivated me to a new level. I knew with all the incredible resources at my disposal and the guidance of my incredibly talented coach, Adonnai Santos, It was possible.

I always thought I knew about supplements and what the optimal brands to buy were. Little did I know I was in the dark when it came to supplements and what would fuel my workouts and my recovery. Adonnai explained the Life Time supplements to me in a way I could understand and I saw incredible results when he incorporated them into my

Meal plans. From years of destructive eating habits, my digestion and metabolism were not functioning optimally. I had a large belly bloat that I could not get rid of. Adonnai informed me that the BCAA and the whey protein I was using were full of artificial sweeteners, which contributed to my bloat. He asked me to purchase the Life Time BCAA Recovery drink as well as the Life Time grass fed whey protein, as these were natural and not full of fake sweeteners. Not only are these products clean, they taste amazing and I always look forward to having them. Within weeks of following my meal plan and switching to these supplements, I saw such a dramatic change in my belly. He also asked me to use the Gut Fix kit, and that worked wonders for me. Towards the end of the program, when my body felt fatigued, he recommended the Life Time Adrenal Complex which I purchased and felt the positive effects within a day.

As a single mom, having the option of using the Life Time child care is incredibly helpful. Not only is it affordable and convenient, but my daughter always has so much fun and looks forward to going. She is always so interested in my workouts and having the ability to bring her into this healthy environment makes her feel involved in my journey.

After completing the 60day, I am so thankful for the support I have received from Adonnai and my team members. I have gained so much knowledge and an entirely new mindset that will stay with me forever. For me, the 60day was not just temporary, but a grounds for a completely new lifestyle that is worth every sacrifice made elsewhere. This transformation starts with a decision to try, a decision to push your body in a healthy way and conquer goals that you didn’t think were possible. The Life Time 60day was only the beginning of my journey. The energy, confidence and sense of self-worth I have gained ignites so much drive in me to continue bettering all aspects of my life. Life Time gave me all the tools I needed to do the best I could do for myself. This 60day was just the start of my life long journey to be the best me I can be