Winners / Derek B.

Derek B.

Charlotte, NC

Derek Baker

6 years ago was the last time I stepped on stage. 6 years ago I was in the best shape of my life before a back injury derailed me. I’ve spent the last 6 years rehabbing to get back what I once had. It’s been a slow climb physically, and along the way my nutrition began to suffer. I caught myself being in the “bodybuilder” mentality, eating clean 70% of the time, and binging the other 30%. Unfortunately that led to me gaining a significant amount of body fat. Life Time Athletic Charlotte grand opened in December of 2017, and I hit the ground running. Consistent workouts 6 days a week, seeing amazing progressions in strength and muscle mass. However due to my poor nutrition, I still looked the same.

Fast forward to April of 2018. My wife and I went through a life altering experience that sent me on a downward spiral. I found myself eating everything in sight, including all of my daughter’s snacks at night! My body fat crept up higher than it had ever been, and I looked and felt terrible. About that same time the 60day kicked off. As an employee I have participated in every challenge since 2014. I would stay diligent for a few weeks, and ultimately fall off. But this time I needed to make a change. I needed to get back to me.

Being the PT Manager in Charlotte, I was fortunate enough to hire some amazing performers. One of those is our MOM, Karyn Guidry. Karyn was instrumental in my nutrition programming. I could not have achieved what I did without her expertise. Karyn also recommended several Life Time supplements which I took, including berberine, fish oil and UCAN. Each was instrumental in my success. From an exercise perspective, Terrence Bonds provided me with the motivation I needed on the days when I needed it most. Luke Seagroves both helped me throw out and subsequently rehab my back only a few weeks in. I missed 2 full weeks of training, barely able to walk, but stay dialed in on my nutrition. What I learned was the full potential of a great nutrition program.

I lost 23 pounds and 4.4% body fat. But I did more than that. I got back to me. It took a lot to get myself to do it, but I posted my story on Facebook and received tremendous support from friends and family. I finally feel confident and have fully regained my self esteem. I feel like I deserve to lead 40 trainers, and I feel that I finally live the brand I so fully support. I am one step away from getting back on stage. 10.2% is my new before. When I find my after in October the transformation will be complete. Thank you Life Time for the 60day and thank you to everyone who helped me find my after.