Finalists / Laura J.

Laura J.

Franklin, TN

Laura J

I signed up for the Summer 60day to further my lifestyle change that began in October 2017 when I joined Life Time.  The 60day provides me with a ton of resources that have helped me achieve success.  The weekly emails are anticipated for the information contained within.  I love getting all the tips that Coach Anika sends out.  They help educate me on ways to maximize my potential.  I have thoroughly enjoyed trying out new recipes and the extra workout opportunities at Life Time have expanded my exercise potential as well as introducing me to new and different avenues to stay active.

My biggest cheerleaders are my trainer, Josh Stiglets, and the trainer who signed me up for Life Time in October, Mac Howell.  Every week Josh is there to see to my personal training.  He coaches me in correct form and has really helped me zero in on making every rep count… not just doing lots of reps.  He has provided guidance in nutritional choices to maximize my body transformation.   Josh is constantly giving me positive reinforcement and encouragement which is hugely motivational and beneficial.

Mac has watched me transform from a 200-pound couch potato to a lean 130 pound on the go woman.  He always has a big smile and high five for me as he congratulates me on all my success.  I watch Mac work with other Life Time members and can see his positive impact with everyone he trains.

I have had a few bumps in the road during this 60day.  Constantly working out for the past seven months has led to a couple chronic injuries that have really plagued me.  Josh has worked with me to strengthen those body areas as well as pamper them when need be.  Going to see a physical therapist over the past couple of weeks has also made inroads to overcoming these injuries.  I caught a summer chest cold that has severely impacted my ability to do cardio workouts for the past two weeks.  I went out of town for Memorial Day and had to be very conscientious about my eating.  I was able to workout at a Life Time facility in Ohio twice, stopping both on my way to and from visiting family in Pennsylvania that weekend.    Much of my success from this 60day has been due to being extremely diligent in my eating.  Josh helped me set my nutritional intake of carbs, fats and proteins with a specific daily gram goal for each.   It definitely was a huge factor in my 16 pound weight loss and almost 6% body fat loss.

About 8 years ago, I was able to lose a lot of weight and was very active physically.  I was inspired to buy some summer pants that were on clearance but that were a size smaller than what I could wear at the time. Unfortunately, my ability to keep that momentum going did not last that time and I wound up heavier than I ever was except at the end of my two pregnancies.   I pulled out those pants two days ago and tried them on.  They fit!  I was excited that I was able to wear a size four pant.  That has not happened since high school….. almost thirty years ago. My daughter came home from college in May after completing her freshman year.  She told her father, “If Mom continues to lose weight, she will look better than I do.”  For the first time in my life, I weigh less than she does.   I hope she will be inspired by me and will make subtle changes in her eating and lifestyle to avoid getting to where I was for most of her growing up years.

I’ve been asked numerous time if I have an actual weight goal.   I do not have a number in mind.   My biggest goal at this point is to figure out how to maintain this lifestyle for the rest of my life.  I know how easy it is to slide back into that couch potato life and I really do not want that.  I would like to lose some of the fat pockets remaining on my body.  Reducing some of that on my hips, stomach and thighs is my mini goal now.  That will come as I continue training and making good nutritional choices.

One thing I have learned from past experience and has been cemented during this 60day is that I cannot do this alone.  I need the accountability of the weigh-in.  I need the one on one with Josh with my exercise routine.  I need the support of my family in making good decisions with both being active and eating.  I envision a long relationship with Josh and continued participation in 60day to keep that accountability in the forefront of my life.