Finalists / Michelle J.

Michelle J.

Parker, CO

Michelle J

My 60day was inspired by a Life Time trainer that showed me how to be a better person and to reach the personal fitness goals I have always strived for in my life.

I have always been a very active person, but over the years, my favorite activities were becoming more of a chore rather than the adventure I wanted them to be.  So, in January I made a New Year’s resolution to join Life Time and work on improving my fitness. I didn’t know any one at the club, and was a little intimidated to be there, so I just kept to myself and continued to do the same exercises I have always done. I wasn’t seeing any results and was feeling defeated. Then in March something happened that made me want to quit everything I had been doing, leave the club and resume my old bad habits.

Fortunately, one of the Life Time trainers had befriended me, encouraged me, and made me want to continue my journey at Life Time. He supported me through a difficult period in my life, and helped me to realize my personal fitness goals. As we began one-on-one training sessions, he showed me a variety of new routines to add to my workout in hopes that it would benefit my weight loss.  Even though the training sessions were informative and entertaining; weeks went by with no results. My frustration was rising and I was feeling discouraged.

Then came time for the 60day: For the Love of Summer.  My new friend and trainer suggested that I enroll. On the day of enrollment, we developed a plan to reach my weight loss goal of 10 pounds during the program.   He recommended a dietician consult to analyze my eating habits and that I attend the “Try it Tuesday” events. I was ready to commit to the 60day because of the support I was receiving at Life Time.

I scheduled my consultation with the dietician during the first week of the program. After reviewing what I had been eating for the past few months, the dietician concluded one of the reasons that I was not losing any weight was because I was starving my body. I thought not eating carbohydrates was the key to weight loss, but she showed me there had to be a healthy balance.  The dietician taught me about healthy fats and carbohydrates (also known as macros) and about how to plan meals.  As the program got under way, I took her diet recommendations and followed the daily workouts provided online and attended the weekly “Try it Tuesday’s” events.  I soon discovered that the right food combination could be both beneficial and satisfying.

I loved the 60day! It pushed me beyond my comfort level and to learn new exercises, meet new people, and start eating real foods again! My goal for the 60day was to lose 10 pounds and to begin building up enough stamina to climb a famous Colorado fourteener.

As the program is coming to an end, I am elated to announce I have lost 20 pounds, toned up some muscle and started running again (something I have not been able to do since high school).  Now, with what I have learned from the trainers at Life Time, and my 60day group, I can say that I have variety in my work outs and I am back to loving my favorite activities again! I am still on track to complete the fourteener before summer ends.

The atmosphere at Life Time is motivating. With the encouragement, support and the camaraderie of my fellow participants and the Life Time trainers, I have built a foundation to reach my health and wellness goals that I have always wanted in my life. I cannot wait to see what the next 60day holds for me!