Winners / Sam P.

Sam P.

Burr Ridge, IL

Sam Peroutka

I started working at lifetime the summer I turned 16 so it’s a little crazy that 8 years later I’m still here, but that just goes to show how much I love it. In those 8 years I have tried countless times to get my act together and get in shape but it never stuck. I would be really on top of it for two weeks and then get distracted and lose motivation.

This time I wasn’t doing it on my own. This time was also different because I had the fiercest most incredible band of allies anyone could ask for. Part of Life Time’s mission is to have the Best Place, Best Programs and Best people, and Life Time Burr Ridge Kids Activities really does have the best people. They prove that to me every time I come to work. When so many of your team members and doing this with you it becomes easy to stay motivated. We really were a team that kept each other going and pushed on another to make good choices.

The other thing that was different was that this time I had the right tools. I wasn’t a stranger to working out at Life Time but saying my experience was limited would be an understatement. When I started going to TEAM Cut with the amazing Rorie, I found a group work out that motivated me and that really challenged me while still being fun. Yea we were all drenched in sweat, but we we’re also all joking around with each other, pushing on another to our best. I looked forward to TEAM Cut even after a long day because I would walk out of it feeling strong, like I had conquered something. Not only that but it made it easy for me to learn new exercises that I could work into my solo workouts. It made me feel confident when I went to workout, I didn’t have to guess if I was doing something right or what machines to use. I had all the tools handed to me. I just had to use them. I also found out I loved box jumps. Who knew.

When I wasn’t with TEAM Cut I would spend my workout in some amazing yoga classes. While yoga did some amazing this for me physically, what was even more important was the help it gave me to mentally work thru the changes I was making. The 60day wasn’t just making me workout more, it was changing my habits. Instead of take out I was trying new recipes, instead of laying on the couch watching TV, I was going on hikes. I’ve always joked that I practically live at Life Time, but look what living at Life Time has helped me accomplish. I have the Life Cafe for those days when I can’t bring myself to pack a lunch and want to be sure I’m eating the right kind of fuel, I have classes that challenge me to change, I have the best Kids Activities family, and I have rockstar trainers like Rorie who are always there. This time I didn’t just change for 60 days, I laid the foundation for a total lifestyle change so I can keep working successfully towards my goals.