Winners / Tim W.

Tim W.

Chanhassen, MN

Tim Wetmore

I signed up for the Summer 60day because I wanted to feel and look my best this summer. I work out regularly and eat pretty well, but find that I need accountability and guidance when I really want to make gains, so the timing was perfect. As much as I love cycle, studio and yoga classes, it’s too easy for me to sneak past those studios. As easy as it is to run, swim or bike outside, those are also way too easy to push off to another day or not do at all. It was raining!! The 60-Day is exactly what I needed.

After registering, my friend Mark and I also signed up to partner train with Oscar at the Chanhassen club, and we have had SUCH an incredible time together. We met with him twice a week throughout the entire challenge to work out, weigh in, and check in on how we’re doing. It was so helpful to have someone guiding me through the workouts and pushing me harder than I ever would on my own. Not only were the workouts incredibly challenging and rewarding physically, they also gave me the confidence and mental boost I needed to overcome self-doubt and keep going through the pain. I’m loving the results and haven’t looked or felt this great in a long time! I would strongly recommend others to look into partner training. It’s more cost effective than 1:1 personal training, but there’s more accountability than small group TEAM training, so it was perfect for me!

In addition to the workouts, I also attended some of the different events and seminars and learned a ton of great info. I don’t really have the time, desire or energy to cook or meal prep, so I ate most all of my meals from the LifeCafe, which were all so great and easy! I now have my favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack items that I can get anytime I’m feeling cravings.

Oscar and I also talked about supplements and what would be best for me and my particular goals. I was relieved that he didn’t just try to up-sell me on a lot of different products. We actually talked about each one in detail and he made recommendations, but wasn’t pushy or too assertive about it. I ended up getting a good multi-vitamin, fish oil, melatonin and protein powder that I wouldn’t go a day without now! I appreciated having someone to talk with about all of this in such a comfortable way with someone I know.

I’m grateful to work for a company that offers programs like the 60day. I think every team member should go through the program at some point, as it’s a really great way to experience so many different offerings we have here at Life Time. I feel much more confident now in explaining to members (and other team members) what the program is, what it involves, and why everyone should do it. I especially love that it’s offered throughout the year, so there are plenty of options! No excuses!!

Thanks for the awesome program, motivation, education and tips. When can I sign up for the next one??