Dublin, OH

Benjamin H.

This 60day I decided to join was one of the best decisions I have made. Not only has it changed me physically, but also mentally; which was the hardest to change! One of my biggest struggles over time has been alcohol, I never had a reason to quit it, and certainly didn’t have the will to try as it just seemed as an impossible task. Throughout my transformation process, the encouragement I received through my group training team, my trainer Brittany Walker, and my wife Grisel Gomez, I began realizing things about myself that I was unwilling to take notice of before like alcohol. It was because of this encouragement that I was able to succeed day by day, little by little, and I began coming out of a sluggish routine.

I am a father of 2 and family is everything to me. I work long hours to provide for our family, and I realized my struggles for energy in life were a detriment to my goals as a professional and as the head of my household. My lifestyle of drinking was becoming an everyday addiction of at least a beer or two -that was my release, my relaxation. After joining the 60day, I began following a specific protocol that my Trainer Brittany Walker gave to me that included my workouts with her, a specific cardio program to get the job done and my goals met, and a meal plan that my wife graciously prepped for me, and great supplements from Life Time. Every day, I would show up at the gym with a new pep in my step, a knew dose of incredible hope of a great day ahead of me, and an energy I haven’t felt in decades. I would show up hyped up asking Brittany “what is happening to me!?” I even had tears in my eyes one day while speaking to her.

I began the 60day after my wife Grisel decided to join the 60day the previous time with group training with Brittany Walker at Life Time Fitness Dublin. It was watching the transformation physically and emotionally with my wife that inspired me to believe it was possible for myself as well! My love did absolutely amazing by losing more than 40 pounds, and she was even more determined to do this as a team in this 60day. We showed up daily, grew closer together through our struggles and successes with it. We completed our workouts, cardio, and swim/sauna times together. We enjoyed every aspect of the club with our Kids, as it became a new lifestyle for us again that ENERGIZED our entire family in a way I can’t truly describe. My 11 year old son has even came to our workouts, and has left feeling confident and strong, and the bonding we have had through this has been incredible. We had our mornings with Brittany, and often returned at night for some classes/cardio sessions and then family swim times with our kids.

My energy levels are insanely high at all the times, in the very beginning an 8:30am class was very difficult for me to get to, but now I am awake at 5:30 and ready to hit the gym and begin my day. The 60 days has not only have helped me personally but professionally as well. I have been able to accomplished many pending tasks and professional goals I had been putting off in the last two months due to a lack of time and energy. I found my new time machine, my new “time management” per say, and that is through my changed lifestyle and energy I have found. About 30 days into my challenge I decided to finally tackle finalizing my GED, and I did! The 60day has changed me completely in all aspects of life.

I want to thank my Idol and inspiration Grisel Gomez for supporting me every step of the way!

A special thank you as well to Life Time Fitness for having programs like the 60 days and for having the best of the supplements and trainers in place.

Brittany Walker, you are the rock, the Everest of the training world, your wisdom and knowledge is incredible; Thank you so much for every word, every push up, every squat and the most important thank you for the help becoming to be the best version of me yet!