Atlanta, GA

Gregg G.

Hello.  My name is Gregg from Atlanta, Georgia and I am excited to share my story:

My goal from the beginning has been to improve the quality of my life through a balance of body weight and body fat reduction.  I am very proud of my progress in both of these areas.  Also, I wanted to lower my blood pressure throughout the 60 days that will carry me through the rest of my life.

After my final weigh-in my body weight is down approximately 40 lbs. and my body fat 25%.  As a result my blood pressure has lowered significantly to an almost optimal range.  (Systolic reduced 22 mm Hg and Diastolic 10 mm Hg these past 60 days)

This is the 3rd 60day I have signed up for but the first in which I read every email from Life Time, watched all the videos, used several recipes sent to us, and utilized the entire facility much more to my benefit.  “Goal Crusher” on the wristband is what I looked at every morning.

I have been an outside sales representative for the past 7 years and I have felt my fitness and health levels declining.  Being on the road a good bit eating out, after-work social events, and taking out clients translated into packing on at least 30 pounds of body weight and I could feel that my body fat had increased substantially.  Overall I was feeling lethargic, my sleep was poor, and I could feel stress building.

3 things happened in late April to motivate my decision to get serious about this:

1)  I took my twin daughters (10 years of age) to an indoor trampoline park and I was determined to participate with them.  I have to say I was completely worn out and disappointed with how I felt.  I was taking breaks, out of breath often, and my legs were toast! I never want to be a spectator during special moments like this.

2)  My 50th birthday is coming up August 14 and for the first time in life I cracked 200 lbs.  My body fat was well over 30% and for 5’6” that was not good.  I want to arrive at 50 in excellent health.

3)  During my annual physical my blood pressure was elevated and my doctor recommended a “light agent” to assist with hypertension.  No way!  That is when I decided to turn to Life Time and their fantastic trainers.

Miguel Ortiz and Thomas Emiah at the Atlanta facility assisted me throughout this journey.  Thomas introduced me to the Resting Metabolic Assessment and the Active Metabolic Assessment while Miguel guided me through the 60day and the RMA/AMA program.  The RMA/AMA information provided me with data that built my confidence and the treadmill program was varied and kept my interest.  I asked advice from a past winner, David New, for resistance training during my off days from the treadmill.

A key part of my success was to book-end the day with a Sauna and outdoor pool visit to Lifetime in the evening on my way home.  This was incredible for reducing stress, ending the work day, and my sleep quality quickly improved.  I highly recommend taking advantage of as much of the facility as possible.  There is so much to enjoy as part of our memberships that we most likely do not use.

The final but most important piece was nutrition.  I always put nutrition last because “I earned the calories” from exercising.  During Miguel’s consultation with me it was obvious that I needed to flip my priorities with nutrition first.  He gave me great advice and once again I took advantage of our fantastic facility by enjoyed many meals in the café.  The serving sizes are perfect and the food tastes great!

I feel amazing and have more motivation to continue.  The 60day was perfect for me to clearly develop goals, change my mentality in terms of lifestyle, and to always scrutinize choices I make with nutrition.  I will definitely continue this way of life.

I do want to mention that from the moment I check in to the time I leave the facility my experience is always fantastic.  There is a true sense of team at Life Time and I would like to also thank Alyssa Bunn, Kylie Stewart, Beau Foster, Mihai Corman, and Brittney at the front desk.  Everyone has such a great attitude and their pride in their work and the facility is evident daily.

A recent trip back to the trampoline park with my daughters resulted in them asking me to slow down.  Also, a follow up appointment with my physician this week had my blood pressure down to almost optimal range and my body weight down approximately 40 lbs.  She was in disbelief.  I told her exactly what I did and about the Life Time 60day program.  She took notes.

I truly believe I will reflect on this specific Life Time 60day as the beginning of extending my life and especially the quality of my life.  It has been an amazing journey and I cannot wait to continue to improve.  Thank you so much for everything!