Dublin, OH

Jackie N.

Adonnai told me about his training group sessions at Life Time one day as I was working out and I thought that his approach seemed different than what I had been involved with in my prior experiences working out.  I had worked out before with other trainers and really enjoyed the personalized approach to working out and making myself better.  After this training regiment was explained to me I gave the whole approach a lot of thought.  We discussed a specialized diet that Adonnai would give me to target certain areas of my body and a true science behind eating.  Along with that, the supplements that Life Time had available looked to be tremendously effective in assisting and achieving what I had never achieved before!  As a member of Life Time, listening to the trainers’ knowledge over the years, taking classes, working out has been great and was like the runway for my personal takeoff.   Now with the regiment that Adonnai has put me on with a nutritional program that is specific to me, the Life Time supplements, the daily workout routine, what to do outside the gym, and a support group within my group workouts I moved off my personal plateau.  I am now meeting new goals and achievements, goals and achievements I once thought were never possible.  What I am about to tell you is a synopsis in stages of my journey to my life changing transformation and I hope you find your journey too!

In the past I “thought” I was in good shape.  I “thought” I was doing everything I was supposed to do to be fit.  I “thought” I was doing everything right and everything I could.  Now I am stronger and healthier than ever!  I am happy with me, which makes me happy with life.  The biggest changes for me from the past are the fact that I now have the willpower when it comes to food and the ability to eat the way I should.  The reason for that is because I now see what can truly happen when you have Life Time and a trainer like Adonnai Santos that understands your needs.  I now can say no to any food or drink and continue my healthy lifestyle because of the results that I have seen.  These are results that I have never seen before and the results that I never thought I could achieve and in a healthy way.  It has set me on a course that I will continue over my lifetime.

I plan on maintaining and evolving as my body evolves; trainings evolve and look forward to maintaining and enhancing what I have accomplished.  I will do this because of what I have accomplished through the 60day, the guidance and training of Adonnai and the Life Time facility, which I will always be a part of this organization.  I also did this challenge with my husband and together we lost over 77 pounds and we both lost over 50% body fat.  I just wanted to share this because whether you go through this with alone, with a group or your significant other is up to you, however my husband I achieved great results, had a great time doing it and has brought up even closer together than we were before.  Whether you want to push yourself to the next level, get to a goal and maintain, keep a healthy lifestyle, feel better about life and yourself, create more energy and focus or whatever your reason don’t miss out on the opportunities Lifetime can give to you.

In conclusion I moved off my personal plateau and got to the next level that I was starting to wonder if I ever could achieve.  Now I can honestly say for the first time in my life I truly like my body, I like what I see in the mirror and I like me.  I feel great, I have more energy than I have ever had and I’m healthy and happy.  My husband, family and friends say how pretty and happy I look.  Complete strangers say how fit I look, how happy I look and ask me what my secret is?   The answer is this; Life Time’s amazing programs, the trainers, my trainer Adonnai, the equipment, supplements, healthy food, saunas, pools, steam rooms, hot tubs and all these amenities Lifetime offers to better yourself.  Life Time Fitness has changed my life, raised the bar for me and got me off my own personal plateau.  I have met many good people at Life Time and I look forward to being a Life Time member for life!

This is my story, my amazing transformation and incredible life-changing journey.  Go start yours!