Dublin, OH

Jeanette D.

How did I get here? This is the question I kept asking myself at the beginning of this 60day. I’m a high school athlete and a veteran.

When I got married at age 38, I was fit and healthy.  However, my priorities shifted, I became completely absorbed in being what I thought was a good wife and started mimicking the same eating habits of my husband with less focus on fitness.  How is it that I gained 50lbs during my first 2 years of marriage and carried that weight for 13 years?  I had lost self-confidence and my motivation to work out was no longer there.  My relationship with my husband was strained.  More importantly, my attitude about myself wasn’t the same.  I had lost my sense of self. I was constantly tired, irritable and demotivated.

The truth is I was afraid of discomfort and failing which is what I had been feeling for the last 12 years. I pretty much gave up on any chance of getting back in shape.

In January of 2019, I had my annual physical.  I was told that I was pre-diabetic! What?  How did I get here?  Let’s be honest, I had now spent the last 13 years overweight, eating poorly and looking for short term solutions. Something had to change!  While traveling for work, I met with Chris Collins at the Life Time location in Collierville, TN and signed up for the 60day.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy because I had 21 days of business travel over the next couple of months. My goals were to get my body fat down from 31.2% to below 20%, do 5 unassisted pull ups and drop a dress size. Moreover, I wanted to learn to love the “process”, start getting back to me and incorporate sustainable healthy lifestyle habits.  I stopped asking myself how did I get here? I started to focus on how I would accomplish progress, create new habits and regain a sense of self. And so, it began!

We started with a focus on nutrition, mindful eating habits, and supplements.  Chris provided me with the 60day Get Started Guide and we walked into LifeCafé.  He walked me through the various supplements that I should consider taking.  I already had a multi-vitamin and fish oil.  So, I purchased the Life Time BCAA Recovery drinks, Collagen Protein, and Digestive Enzyme Complex.  For my nutrition, I used the information from previously attending the essentials of meal-prep class in Dublin, Ohio, the 60day meal plan along with following the Life Time Instagram account.

To increase my fitness levels, I would leverage my previous AMA assessment, do cardio 5-6 times a week and lift 3-5 times a week. With Chris, I felt like I had someone in my corner to guide me, check in with and to support my journey.  In fact, I got more than I bargained for during this challenge. Although I was training on my own, I had a team of folks supporting me in both Life Time locations (Collierville, TN and Dublin, OH).

By the 3rd week, my mindset was beginning to shift.  I realized that I was not the same person who started the 60day. I looked forward going to Life Time.  I would wake up, eat a small meal and head to the gym at 6am to do cardio followed by weight training or one of the fitness classes ranging from Strike to Yoga. I was tracking all my meals and drinking a gallon of water a day.  During, achievement week, I completed 7 unassisted pull-ups and lost over 22.43% body fat.  I was also down 2 dress sizes.

I can’t say that this challenge has been easy but I have regained a commitment to fitness and nutrition.  While on business trips, I would request the hotel place a microwave and refrigerator in my hotel room.  I worked out in the hotel gym, ate healthy and continued to track all my food.

Next month, I turn 52, and I can honestly say Life Time gave me my life back. I can’t fully express how much I appreciate everyone who helped me along the way from the emails of encouragement to the front desk welcome at both facilities to the fitness instructors and the trainers who checked on me.

Through this process, I learned the importance of meal preparation, a balanced diet, and portion control. My energy level continued to climb and I started to find my love of working out again and working on me! The gym is my happy place again and I love working out and I am committed to a healthy lifestyle and pushing myself towards my fitness goals. There are so many Life Time employees and members at Collierville, TN and Dublin, OH locations who supported me. I’ve regained a commodore like what I experienced in the military.

I am seeing the athlete that I once was and I’m starting to shine.   My self-confidence continues to grow. My husband tells me how proud of me he is for all my hard work and dedication.  He has started to be more supportive and encouraging of my lifestyle change. Oh, by the way, I’m no longer pre-diabetic! Booyah!