Woodstock, GA

Sandra B.

My name is Sandra and I have spent decades being terrible to my body. It was angry and resentful, complicating daily tasks with its numerous heart difficulties, joint pain, and excessive weight gain. I joined Life Time less than a month before joining the 60day. My seven-year-old son and I were excited to join what felt like a resort more than a fitness club. I knew whatever gym I joined, he would have to be excited to go for it to be easy for me to go. There are 14 fitness centers closer to my home, but I chose Life Time, and have happily made the thirty-minute drive to and from on a nearly daily basis with an excited little boy in tow.

One of the perks to signing up when I did was free training sessions. During my first session with Matt, I explained my health issues and we got to work. Matt suggested the Resting Metabolic Assessment and the 60day to keep my motivation high while learning about my caloric needs. We found out I HAD to change my way of eating. I had been actively harming myself, not healing. Matt learned about my health problems and pushed me to do better while staying safe. I owe so much to him.

My goals for the 60 days were what I thought of as simple (RE: easy), lose fat and increase flexibility. What I achieved was far more than I could have ever imagined. I finished something I had committed to, which had never happened in regards to my health before, all while losing over 20 pounds.

The Kickoff Weekend was so exciting. It felt like everyone was cheering for me and my health. I knew I wasn’t alone and could feel that this was going to be an experience that changed everything. During Kickoff Weekend, I took advantage of the exclusive discounts and purchased the Vegan Protein All-in-one, fish oil, and the AM/PM vitamins. I have never noticed a difference when taking vitamins before. But these were SO.MUCH.DIFFERENT. I could tell a difference when I missed them and believe they helped my overall performance throughout the 60day. I will never stop taking them!

I felt transformed; I enjoyed exercising and trying new classes that challenged my strength and mobility. The Try it Tuesday and Saturday Sampler Classes were fun and I looked forward to seeing my fellow 60day-ers. It felt like we were in this together, navigating some brave new world, no man left behind style. I tried new and interesting classes that I would have never thought to on my own. I especially loved the GTX Cut class and the Meal Prepping Class. Life Time kept me accountable with the daily workouts and tips sent in the weekly motivational newsletters. I feel like Coach Anika and I are best friends now! I went out of town for a week and had anxiety about not going to the club for my workouts. Thankfully, Life Time made it easy to keep up with detailed images for each day’s workouts and I continued to lose weight and gain strength while on vacation.

I also started to make better decisions nutritionally. I would bring home delicious and super filling meals from the LifeCafé (which was awesome when I didn’t want to cook for the whole family) and my son looked forward the eating at the club on days we would be there for hours. The meal plan provided for the 60day also included so many great meals that my entire family loved. I was incredibly thankful that we could order food poolside, too. Between working out, attending a class, getting my nails done at the LifeSpa, or working remotely by the pool, we were often spending more time at the club than anywhere else. It’s honestly my favorite place to go every day.

Near the end of the 60 days, I started to incorporate yoga classes into my weekly routine to help with flexibility. As a newbie, I was nervous to attend and thought I would stick out like a sore thumb. Every person I’ve met at the club has been beautiful, warm, and happy that I’m there and yoga was no different. In the heat of class one day, I started to break down and cry. I realized that for decades I had been hateful to my body, neglecting my health to the point that my relationships, career, and mind had been brutally damaged. Joining Life Time and completing the 60day is the first thing I’ve ever done to be kind to myself and my body.

Life Time helped me achieve my desired results tenfold. My life has transformed so much in the last few months. I spend more time at the club than I do anywhere else. I am happiest after a hard workout or class. I love the vitality and momentum created by just walking into the doors of the club! I am thankful that every single staff member I have encountered seems genuinely happy to be there and overjoyed to help me accomplish my goals or help me in any way they can.

I am finally surrounded by people who share the same mission of total health. Losing inches, pounds, and dress sizes felt great, but the shift in my relationship to my body is most impressive. I can only imagine what future 60day challenges will do for me and can’t wait to sign up for the next one!