Pickerington, OH

Walter J.

I started the 60day as a needed boost to get myself in shape. My goals were to lose 25 pounds and at least 6 % body fat. I was worried because I had never been this heavy before and how would my body react. Luckily, Life Time laid everything out for me. Workouts, trainer support, and even a meal plan that required me to eat “real” food that was healthy and tasted amazing. I never felt behind in my workouts and there was always a trainer around to assist me when I had questions. Shout outs to Ron, Ashley and George, who were a constant motivation and wealth of knowledge through this first leg of my Life Time journey.

So, back to the food. I have always felt that eating healthy meant not eating at all or eating cardboard with salt and pepper. This meal plan was different. The food was well seasoned and tasty, fresh and most importantly easy to make. I didn’t feel like I had to make separate meals for my family and we all enjoyed each meal, even my 16 month old. The workout plan was my favorite part of the 60day. I really enjoyed having a detailed workout every day that focused on strength and shaping my body. Seeing the weight come off and feeling so much better each day is amazing. I even started liking the lunges. Just a little. Each day I felt like I had a personal trainer giving me a great workout that would make me sweat and take me closer to my goals.

During this 60day, I wanted to lose weight and body fat, which I did and am super proud of. The biggest goal that I accomplished was not physical at all. I am now more proud of my body image and optimistic for the future of my body and wellbeing. I have three young children and at 42 I was stuck in my ways of eating, working and lounging by the TV. My outlook has changed in this short time. I am focused on my health, I am focused on living, and I am focused on experiencing life to its fullest thanks to this program. It’s not something that I did not know, I have been an athlete all of my life but over the last couple of years I was lacking something. It’s the focus that I was lacking the “Right to Win” mentality. I deserve to be healthy, I deserve for my clothes to fit, and I deserve to be around for my children and their children.

Ending this program I achieved my goal of 35lb weight loss which I lost 43Lbs, 6% fat loss which I lost 11% and be happy with my body image of which I could not be happier. I also shaved 3 minutes off of my mile time and added 13 more pushups in 30seconds. My goal is to drop 40 more lbs. by October and be ready for the tough mudder competition that my job is sponsoring. What I have learned during this 60day will help me reach my goals. I am excited for the future, and I am appreciative of the Pickerington Lifetime training staff, for mentoring me through this journey I am on. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to do this. I can’t wait to see what my future holds.

Thanks for offering this program. It has truly changed my life.