Princeton, NJ

Hugh L.

Hugh’s Story

My goal in the Life Time 60day transformation challenge was to make some serious changes to my body by losing fat and building muscle.  I started out at a weight of 204.5 lbs. and 24.5 percent body fat. I’m happy to say I exceeded the personal goals I set for myself. 60 days later, I’ve lost 34.1 lbs. and 12.5 percent body fat.

Throughout the 60day I got positive feedback and encouragement from the Life Time community who stressed that I practice excellence and stick to my plan with laser focus. Jay D., Travis and Jason were my biggest supporters and hype men. I started working out alone but quickly realized I needed a push and needed to be around like minded and motivated people.  I have literally taken every single amazing class Life Time has to offer.  From spin classes with Joe, Audrey, Chino and Kemma to Upper RX with Marci and Chino. GMO with Daniela, Barre with Sheridon and Zumba with Will, Audrey, Debbie and Daniela and last but definitely not least, kettlebells with Maria. I’m the type of person that needs structure in my life, and I used these scheduled classes and resources from my Life Time online coach to maximize my training and nutrition and executed the plan to get extraordinary results. My 60day coach Corey set the tone with a tough and intense workout to kick off the 60day. This set the tone for just how much work I needed to put in.  I didn’t realize how out of shape I really was till my session with Corey.  Spin instructor and the most intense fitness guru I have ever worked with Joe K, put me through an intense but fun but INTENSE workout on the last day of the 60day to shed the last bit of fat and weight to achieve my goal.  Joe and Corey showed me the importance of having a trainer who is going to push you past your perceived limits.  I enjoyed the experience and seeing members participate in the weekly challenge group training sessions. These events were competitive and challenging yet fun.  Seeing the other challengers names on the weekly bodyfat transformation board motivated me to step it up. I was proud of my achievements when I eventually saw blackmamba on top of the charts.  😊

I truly recommend you take up this transformation challenge if you are looking to make some serious changes in your life. The contest will make you challenge yourself, test your limits, and crank your body up to a place you never dreamed possible.  I think when I made a 100 percent commitment to the Life Time 60day is when I really started seeing changes. It started with my daily disciplines, not only committing to my daily workouts but to my nutritional plan.  It didn’t matter if I was traveling or if I just didn’t feel like it, I did it anyway.  I knew if I broke my commitment one time, it would be that much easier to break it the next time. So although I’m proud of my results so far, I’m more proud of sticking to the commitment.

It’s hard to put into words exactly what was going through my mind when I decided to sign up for the 60day, but I just remember feeling like I needed to get out of living an unhealthy lifestyle filled with hard liquor and junk food and out of that routine that my life had settled into. I totally embraced the experience and I am excited to celebrate these achievements with all the challengers and Life Time members.

Like everyone in this 60day, I know it doesn’t end today for our personal challenges.  I’m setting a breakthrough goal that I’m going to pursue with passion and focus on until I achieve it.  I’ve created a healthier balance to my life and a more active lifestyle. After going through this 60day I’m even more motivated to be in the best shape I’ve been and to be the healthiest I’ve ever been. Thanks to all of you at Life Time for your support. A new year, a new Hugh.  😊