Christy C.

Pickerington, OH

Christy’s Story

TRANSFORMATION – “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance”

Sounds simple but why did I lose and regain the same 5lbs too many times to count over the past 5 years?

The truth is I understood how to attain and maintain a fit physique in a past life but I had lost my way. In my early 40s, I entered and won several fitness competitions and was at my peak physical condition. Then along came a happy milestone in my LIFE. I met and married my husband and was blessed to have my 2nd and 3rd daughters. Girl mom here! What’s unique is that I had my children at age 42 and 43 born just 12 months apart.  As any woman can tell you, pregnancy can be physically hard at any age. I worked full-time as a National Sales Director traveling 17 states for my demanding job during this time.  Fast forward 5 years and I found myself struggling to find a routine and my old figure.

I could no longer blame my weight gain on “having had a baby”.  I turned 47 and was juggling work, a household with 2 small children and watching my weight climb to the heaviest of my adult life. I became anxious and depressed which led to inactivity and more overeating. I looked in the mirror and didn’t really recognize myself. In the past, I enjoyed taking photos and joining my family for a picture but now I found myself hiding in photos. I regret not having more pics of me with my children. I avoided the dressing room as nothing seemed to fit.

Deep down the ‘fit me’ was in here somewhere I just needed to make myself a priority again. Tired of feeling and looking the way I did, I joined Life Time with the goal to rediscover fitness and my health.  Alex in membership was patient and kind as I asked questions about Life Time’s childcare and what type of membership to choose. Tears welled in my eyes as I explained how hard I had tried to lose weight on my own with no results. During my tour I noticed on the wall numerous transformation winners. I was instantly inspired and told her I wanted to sign up for a Signature membership and enroll in the next challenge. I met George Young through GTX and Alpha classes and he agreed to coach me through the challenge.

I knew nutrition would be key towards reaching my health goals so I printed the entire 60day Recipe Book and put it in a 3-ring binder. I committed to eliminating most processed foods, all fast food and consumed my meals in a stricter time window while adding a lot more protein. I increased my water significantly and used the Life Time Training App to log meals and be mindful of calories and portions. The recipe guide was great for taking the mystery out of meal prep – delicious Mediterranean Egg Bites or Cilantro Lime Chicken Bowl were perfect after workouts. The Life Time Training App made it easy to plan my week of fitness.

I had not worked out in 7 years so I decided to try 1 new class each week. I logged a variety of classes: GTX with George, Alpha Conditioning with Zac, Cycling with Bruce, Barbell with Peggy, H.I.I.T. with Liz and Tabata with Will.  Every single instructor welcomed me. Life Time trainers truly care and make you and your goals feel important. I cannot tell you what that does for mental health and feeling “seen” when most of the past few years I tried to be invisible. Life Time’s instructors don’t just stand at the head of class but directly engage you and correct your form or push you to graduate to heavier weights when you’ve mastered a movement no matter if in a large studio class or the smaller Alpha classes. I like accountability and camaraderie of small and large group classes so that is something I encourage to anyone just starting out. You just show up and give it your best for 60 minutes. My kids and I love the Kids Academy where I can complete my workout guilt-free and occasionally go on date night with my husband while they make new friends.

At times my energy was low as I was lifting heavier each week. George recommended Life Time supplements and these quickly balanced my vitamin deficits, especially Vitamin D (little sun in Ohio this time of year). Over the 60 days, I took 4-5 classes per week and followed clean eating using the recipe book allowing for a few special occasion meals. Additionally, as a Signature member, I took full advantage of the recovery area, red light therapy and percussion gun. I highly recommend these tools if you are like me and working out for the 1st time in ages! New routines have now become habits and this is my key to maintaining my progress. I’ve been sleeping better than I have in ages thanks to losing 25 lbs and dropping my body fat from 37% to 29%. This gave me a jumpstart to achieving my health goals while building my strength. Most importantly I’m able to play and pick up my young children with energy to spare. I feel transformed mentally and am more confident than I have felt in years. Thank you to George and all the class instructors at Life Time Pickerington for supporting my TRANSFORMATION. I feel like me again!