David W.

Peachtree Corners, GA

David’s Story

My last doctor visit jarred me into desperately wanting a change of lifestyle. My cholesterol and blood pressure, combined with my weight were very concerning to me and my doctor. So I walked into Life Time with health as my main goal and no real plan. Luckily for me, I walked in three days before the 60day Challenge was set to begin.

I am, by nature, a very competitive person. When I learned of the 60day Challenge, I thought this would be the perfect way to start my new lifestyle. With the help and guidance of the trainers at Life Time, specifically Mason and the team of tennis instructors, I was able to formulate an obtainable plan with realistic goals.

My goals were simple, losing weight in a manner that would leave me satisfied but not starving and not having to do cardio for three hours a day!

Crash diets have always failed me; I needed something permanent. I have lost weight in the past but always put the weight back on. Mason helped me formulate a plan that would focus on what my body needed to run, using what I liked to eat. He was very helpful in a new stretching routine that really decreased the pain in my knees. Supplements available at Life Time, including the Protein Powder and BCAA’s (Amino Recovery), made it easier to obtain levels of protein and help my body recover more quickly.

My workouts were from the videos available to me through the Life Time Training App. The videos made it easy to know what to do and the correct form to use in each exercise. Having the videos on my phone allowed me to complete them even on very busy days when I wasn’t able to get into the actual facility. As far as cardio, Life Time Peachtree Corners provides the perfect facility, because they specialize in tennis. I was way too out of shape to play competitive tennis in the beginning. But with the classes offered to every level of conditioning and skill, I regained my cardio through the sport I love. Now I can play for hours at a time with plenty of energy left.

Now I wake up every day with so much extra energy. My two boys Hayden and Bodhi along with my wife Heather are so supportive and encouraging of my new lifestyle. I look at food differently, and even my taste buds have changed. I now eat vegetables?! Crazy, I know. The many meal suggestions and help with what to eat from the Life Time app were also a huge help to me. My meals are now planned in advance, making my trips to the grocery store much more efficient.

My neck shrunk from 18.75 inches to 17.25 inches.

Going forward, I will continue to strive for my ultimate goal of 220 pounds and 11 percent body fat. I will obtain these end goals by exercising regularly and eating healthy foods. Once I have reached my final goal, I will maintain my new healthy way of life by continuing to eat and exercise correctly. I am so thankful to the amazing trainers, staff, and coaches at Life Time Peachtree Corners. I love walking into the gym every day to see a friendly face greeting me. After only a few days, Breeann had me checked in before I even opened the door smiling, and telling me to have a great workout!  I will continue to see all of you five days a week until you retire.

Thank you,