Dianira R.

Collierville, TN

Dianira’s Story

My initial objective when I decided to sign up for this 60day Challenge was to get back to the shape I had before I gave birth to my first daughter.

I didn’t think that 60 days would be enough to see the changes I wanted. Sometimes we are our worst enemies. But I decided to block all these negative ideas and encourage myself. Now, I look back and see that I was wrong because I have changed a lot on the inside and on the outside. To me, that is the greatest victory.

The completion of this challenge is a great personal achievement for me as a mom. Due to the fact that when you become a mom your whole life changes.

I have been working out at Life Time for more than 7 years. I’m so lucky to be a member of this club because of all the great benefits. Now that I am a mom, it means a lot to be able to work out without any worries because I know my daughter is well cared for. This makes my workout moment absolutely perfect.

I decided to sign up for the challenge with the help of the trainer Brandon W. He encouraged me from day one, but really all the people at Life Time add a grain of sand so that I feel comfortable and motivated doing this challenge, because simply from the moment you enter the club, everyone welcomes you with a big smile, everyone there is very friendly, the staff makes you start training with the best vibrations of positive energy, I’m most grateful for being a member here.

The Alpha and GTX class offered by the club were the best thing. The sessions and the coaches are excellent. They kept me focused and cheered me up at all times. Coach Brandon cheered me up all this 60day by saying how much he believed me and calling me a champion. I took his words as fuel and felt like a champion on each session and enjoyed it too.

He helped me on the good and hard days.

As a mom, I recommend these sessions. Each session lasts one hour and allows you to work your entire body. And the best thing is that coaches are by your side making sure you do each exercise correctly or giving you alternatives so you can accomplish the workout.

I can say that going to the club every day, looking at my body changes in the mirror and receiving compliments from everyone made a huge impact on my self-esteem and my daily motivation.

The meal plan for this challenge was absolutely delicious. The recipes were easy to cook and didn’t take too much of my time. However, on those days that I couldn’t meal prep, I went to the Life Cafe. I love that the Life Cafe always has healthy and delicious options. So no excuses to not keep focused and follow the meal plans.

In the past, I used to spend almost two hours working out and I can say that I had never felt so tired as I felt after the Life Time classes. I also would go on restrictive and meaningless diets. But now, after I have spent 60 days attending these classes and following this meal plan, I learned that it is not about quantity but quality.

Every day I drove 25 minutes to get to Life Time and get back home with my daughter Abby after doing my house chores and my job duties. So I can tell you that there are no excuses when you want to achieve a goal. I finished this challenge feeling very proud of myself and happy about it. Everything is possible when you decide to pursue it. Trust yourself and trust the process.

My plan now is to maintain these changes and continue to feel as happy and energetic as I feel currently. Also, to apply in my life all that I learned during these 60 days and keep attending the Life Time classes. Most importantly, to remember every day that being healthy and happy is the perfect mix as well as having a balanced lifestyle. BALANCE my biggest learning during these 60 days

Finally, I am very grateful to the great Life Time family for allowing me to believe in myself again and for reminding me that discipline and the right help of professionals can make things possible in a very short period of time.