Everett E.

Frisco, TX

Everett’s Story

“Know your why and make it happen.”

My “why” is my family.

My wife and I have been lucky enough to bring two children into this world and are expecting another in July of this year. They are my world. Full of personality, every day is different in the best possible ways with them. But this still doesn’t explain why or what this has to do with a Life Time 60day Challenge!? Well, I will tell you why…

There is a funny thing about kids, they are brutally honest.  When playing restaurant with my daughter she would always know my favorites: burgers, fries, chips, and beer.  Which I never thought anything of, until as she and my son have grown their snack and restaurant choices have mimicked that of their fathers, subbing the beer for soda of course. I would always encourage them to eat healthy and be active but with my eating habits, I had no leg to stand on.

Now this journey started months before the 60day Challenge kicked off. I had never been a member of Life Time but after seeing the clubs hours of availability and proximity to work the Frisco location was meant to be. I never thought anything of it, in my head just another club but with better hours.

My typical morning looked like coming into the gym, lifting some weights, drink protein and I was happy. Happy to get home when I could and felt that because I worked out, I could eat how I pleased.  This routine dragged on for years before I joined Life Time and continued after joining.  But I started to notice something different about this gym. Every morning there would be tons of energy and excitement coming from one side of the gym…The Alpha area.  I always found myself watching their class. A little intimidated to be honest, they looked like a team. After months I finally gained the courage to join a class… 5 AM Alpha Strength. From that moment on my fitness journey changed.

My first class, I walked in sheepishly pacing around the floor not sure what to do. A group of veterans welcomed me into their station, and we started small talk. Suddenly with a clap and an Alpha boom Coach David walks in with a presence and cranks up the music. Already having chills, feeling like I’m back in the old college weight room, prepping for battle. David gave us the rundown on the whiteboard, some serious motivation and we were off to the races. Never skipped a detail on form or the purpose behind these lifts. There was a plan, and David was there to help us execute to our full potential. Hooked immediately I booked for the remainder of the week.

5 AM Alpha was my new routine I was able to meet the rest of the phenomenal Alpha trainers at Frisco Life Time. Bryce is a former college athlete who brings it every day powering home the fine details of all the Olympic lifts. Angela a super-intelligent, highly energetic, super trainer. With that Trifecta coaching at 5AM, it’s hard not to see results and start your day off right.

I had a great workout routine, and I was getting much fitter, but I was still seeing the same habits out in myself and most importantly my children at home.  So, I opened up to Angela about the issues I was having outside the gym, and if the timing couldn’t be any better Angela encouraged me to sign up for the upcoming 60day Challenge. This was it for me, I had my why I was going to make it happen.

Angela and I set the meeting and dove straight in, we built an entire workout routine that involved taking my four days of Alpha Strength (zone focused) with one day a week of Hot Yoga (SOL) to help with my flexibility and recovery.  Now it was time to dive into the nutrition side. Angela pulled up the 60day Meal Plan and I could not believe the amount of detail that was involved. Everything I needed was there the meals, the calendar, recipes.  Even a Grocery List, I did not even have to think! This is when I knew we could do this.

I brought the challenge home to my wife and kids, presenting the meals and ideas to be more active when I was at home, I tried to bring the same energy to my presentation as Angela, Bryce, and David do Each day!  As a family, we agreed it was a much-needed change. I made a promise to each one of them that night that I would take these next 60 days to heart, making healthy strides for myself and learning so we could grow healthy as a family.  Now it was time to execute and execute we did.

We did it Together as a family. 60 days and the results have been dramatic. This was only possible with the backing of the entire Life Time staff and the resources provided. My kids are much healthier, and eating habits have changed significantly. As a family, we now cook together on a regular basis and enjoy those meals together. Playing more, snacking better a lifestyle rehaul.

This is just the beginning, you will still find me at the Frisco location 5 AM. Working with my Alpha teammates, uplifting each other, and setting new goals. Life Time Frisco has changed my life so my “why” is still my Family…now including my Life Time family.