Hannah C.

Pickerington, OH

Hannah’s Story

If you’re a member of Life Time Pickerington, it’s impossible not to know about the 60day or notice #TheWall of impactful 60day transformations. As a frequent user of the club and working in the Kids Academy, I consistently see and admire the transformations that happen during 60day and get to see them happen in real-time. It wasn’t until I was asked to do a large balloon display for the 60day kick-off weekend that I was really drawn to participate myself. I was like metal to a magnet.

2020 was my worst physical and mental health year of my life. I gained weight from an excess of food, alcohol, and countless missed workouts. As a 2021 New Year’s Resolution, I decided to commit to my health. Then, three short weeks into the New Year, I found out I was pregnant. Sadly, I let my pregnancy be an excuse to continue to miss workouts and eat whatever I wanted. I battled gestational diabetes, severe swelling, and major weight gain during pregnancy. I delivered a week overdue with complications, but luckily everything worked out and we now have a very healthy toddler who is THRIVING all because a switch flipped in me the day she was born. Enough was enough.

When I saw her looking back at me, with oxygen tubes for the first week of her life, I saw a new purpose and knew that I wanted to be my healthiest self for her. I NEEDED to be my healthiest self for her. I wanted to learn everything I could and do everything I could to get our home on the right track toward a healthier way of life. In 2022, I was consistent in the gym and as a family, we made major nutritional changes. I lost all of the “baby weight” but still wasn’t quite where I wanted to be at year’s end.

When I started to think about my goals for 2023, I wanted to get into the best shape of my life before my next pregnancy. I discussed my goals with my husband, Gage Corns, the Personal Training Leader at Pickerington Life Time (PCK). He said “You’re doing 60day. You’re going to crush it.” You got it, coach!

My struggle has never been making it to the gym. I love lifting, working out, sweating and working hard. The Dynamic Personal Trainers at PCK make fitness SO FUN! If I don’t hear the music blaring from Paul’s Women’s Resistance Training Group or Zak’s Alpha Class I feel like my day was missing something.

My self-identified biggest areas of opportunity were my relationship with food and my all-or-nothing mentality.

Gage and I sat down and talked about nutrition and what I needed to do to fuel my body and what would make me feel my best. What I needed to do to be able to function at my optimal level with enough energy, and more, to get me through my day. Chasing a toddler around all day takes it out of you. I increased my whole proteins, limited processed foods and drastically cut down on snacking. Now, when I’m thinking about what I want to eat or looking in the fridge for something, I find myself thinking “What is going to make me feel the best?”

My biggest lesson I learned in this 60day was adaptability. I’ve always self-identified as a perfectionist, type A, stick-to-a-plan, all-or-nothing kind of person — highest honor roll, valedictorian, magna cum laude, etc. If I couldn’t make it to the gym for two hours and get in a full, full body lift, then I would think “what’s the point?” If I couldn’t stick to my weekly program, I’d tell myself “I’ll start again next week.” and chalk up that week as a wash. It’s taken me 30 years and one 60day Challenge to learn that progress is a better mindset sometimes than perfection. I have to thank Gage for helping me learn that.

When I look at photos of myself from before my pregnancy, during and even up until this time last year, I don’t even recognize that girl. Not only from a physical standpoint — because that’s obvious. But I truly don’t even know who that girl is anymore. And while I’m thankful for the lessons she taught me, I’m so glad to have shed that version of myself and be focusing on a more magnetic version of me.

I was by no means perfect, but I learned a lot of key lessons and gained a lot of tools to be able to continue this lifestyle outside of 60day.

But in health, and life in general, that’s not a realistic, or even healthy, approach. If things don’t go your way, you have to adapt, course correct and keep moving forward. I’m thankful for all of the unpredictability and opportunities for adaptability, it made me better and helped shift my mindset.

I couldn’t have done it without Gage’s consistent guidance, encouragement, support and knowledge. Thank you, Life Time and 60day for all of the resources and putting on such a thoughtful and intentional program to get members excited about becoming their best selves. I couldn’t have done it without you!