Jeremy C.

Frisco, TX

Jeremy’s Story

I joined Life Time together with my wife wanting to make a change. I didn’t know how to begin. The 60day Challenge was a great way to start my journey to become healthier and happier. I set small achievable goals with a trainer. Easy goals like eating at least one balanced healthy meal each day and walking 10,000 steps a day.  I thought I would have to live off broccoli and chicken for sixty days, but with the 60day meal plan I found many recipes that were healthy and tasty. I especially liked the Chicken Mushroom and Rice meal. I learned to meal prep for the week. Meal planning made it so much easier.

I was nervous at first about taking the classes offered by Life Time. They seemed so intimidating for a couch potato. I started with the 60day Sweat Session. I am so happy I went because it gave me the confidence to realize that I was capable of completing a class.  The trainers were all so encouraging and motivating. I felt like they really cared and wanted to support my efforts. I really liked the exposure to meeting different trainers who teach different classes. This helped me stay engaged to find the classes I liked and what worked for me. I learned to wake up early in the morning for the 5:00 AM classes. It was difficult at first, but now it has become a habit. It has been nice to start the day off doing something for me and prioritizing my wellness. Something I have neglected to do for years.  I now look forward to taking classes and trying new things. I have taken GTX, Alpha, Boxing, and even heated Yoga.

I have taken advantage of all the amenities of Life Time including Life Time Recovery, Life Cafe, and listening to podcasts to educate myself on heart rate zones, proper nutrition, supplements and the benefits of sleep. I watched videos sent by trainers the night before to learn the movements to prepare me for proper form and technique.

Everyone at Life Time is willing to help me be successful and wants to help me accomplish my goals. Instructors bring an energy that is contagious. The best thing about Life Time is the people. I have met a community of people who are striving to better themselves. It’s very motivating to be around other members. I have made many friends whom I look forward to seeing each day. I love the interactions with the trainers and instructors who have helped me so much. I take classes with my wife which has brought us closer together. I bring my kids to the club and have watched them get excited about fitness and eating healthy.  I feel stronger than ever. I have felt so good that I took our family on a snowboarding trip over spring break and was able to participate with them. Something I physically could not have done 60 days ago. I am so thankful I joined Life Time and jumped on the 60day Challenge. I am excited about my future and look forward to growing mentally and physically into the best version of myself. I know who has my back. Thanks, Life Time!!!