Lori H.

Dublin, OH

Lori’s Story

For years I’ve walked quickly past the signs, balloons and “before and after” pictures at the entry of our Dublin Life Time advertising the 60day Challenge. I never knew what was involved in this challenge but I did know I was afraid of it.   Afraid of being accountable, afraid of the scary part of the gym (weight machines) and afraid of my before picture. In January my husband saw that familiar display and suggested we sign up to shake up our workouts. I knew I had gained weight over the last 5 years so I reluctantly agreed. Making a change in my routine as I approached my 60’s wasn’t going to be easy.  I never thought losing 18 lbs and 8% body fat was possible at my age.

In 2017 I was hit by a car while riding my bike and suffered broken bones and facial injuries that required multiple surgeries. I never returned to weight training for fear that I would reinjure myself. I relied on cycling and running races to maintain fitness. My eating habits were unstructured. Diet soda, red licorice and gummy bears for lunch would not make me gain weight – they are fat-free!  Wow, did I learn the truth!

A couple of friends recommended Greg M, the Personal Training Leader, because of his passion and knowledge of fitness.  At my initial weigh in I was shocked at the amount of weight I had gained since my accident and my body fat percentage.  It was a wake-up call.  Sometimes the accountability mirror is harsh, but it always tells the truth.  If I was going to do this I must invest in myself and have excellent supervised training so I signed up for a Dynamic Personal Program with Greg.  He gave me a boost from meeting one and the confidence to take this challenge all the way.  He used my medical and workout history to show me the importance of a comprehensive program that prioritized weight training into my cardio.  We discussed optimal nutrition strategies, such as timed eating and supplements that would aid my overall health and weight loss.   I also took advantage of Life Time’s spinning classes and was coached by Lisa C. in Life Time Aquatics.  I have so much gratitude to the Life Time members and staff that make up the fabric of my day.  From Kenneth at the front desk who greets me every day by name and wishes me a good day when I leave, and Bev in the locker room who is always cheerful to the members that I may not know well but see daily, I appreciate you all!

With Greg’s encouragement and expertise, I learned that investing in my health and fitness was not as daunting as I had originally thought.  Everything I have read has said as you age you should boost your weight training but I wondered, at 56 would it really make a difference?   Am I too old to build muscle and change my body composition? What I know for sure is that with personalized programming and recovery strategies, I feel better than ever.  I have much more definition, am sleeping better and have more energy than I have had in years.   I’m not throwing in the towel, I’ve just begun.

So thank I thank you, 60day Challenge.  I take from you new life-long habits, confidence and the gift of better health and I leave you with my commitment to never give up and fear of new challenges.