Michael S.

Flower Mound, TX

Michael’s Story

I started the Spring 2023 60day Challenge with two goals in mind. FOCUSING ON MY DAILY PROTEIN CONSUMPTION AND LOSING BODY FAT!!

As a Dynamic Personal Trainer at Life Time in Flower Mound, Texas; I am always educating my Clients on the importance of diet and protein consumption!! Unfortunately, I often find myself not practicing what I preach due to my busy training schedule and working with my Clients. My number one goal was to lead by example and make sure I HIT MY DAILY PROTEIN GOAL, NO EXCUSES!!

I started the 60day Challenge with Coach Anika and her two-week D.TOX Program in February in order to reset my body and get things started on the right foot. Thanks to the D.TOX shake mix, the Life Time Vegan+ All-In-One Meal Replacement Shake and the Life Time Cafe Meals-to-go; I was able to achieve my daily protein goal!!
In addition to participating in the D.TOX Program with Coach Anika, I listened to a Podcast with Paul Kriegler and David Freeman at the end of January just as the 60day Challenge was beginning. The Podcast was called “How Much Protein Do I Need” and Paul suggests that we consume one gram of protein for each pound of our lean weight. This is the goal that I have always used to help my Clients, but it was nice to have the confirmation from Paul since I know he is a Registered Dietitian. There were many days that I was consuming three and four Life Time shakes a day, but I was determined to hit my protein goal each day!! My Clients are very well aware of my busy schedule and I wanted to be the example that they could follow regardless of how busy I was!!

I know that it is imperative that our bodies have time to rest and recover from our busy and often stressful lives. That is why I attend Surrender Yoga on Sundays with Jean W. at our Flower Mound Life Time location. I cannot overstate the importance of having both Yang and Yin in our lives to ensure we balance both physically and mentally. I always look forward to my Surrender class with Jean and always leave feeling energized and mentally focused!!

At the end of a busy day, it can be difficult to shut everything off and give your body and mind the adequate amount of sleep needed to prepare for the next day. That is why I use the Life Time Relax supplement. I may not understand exactly what all the ingredients are or what they do, but I know it works; because I sleep better than I ever have before in my life!!

As Dynamic Personal Trainers we are “Role Models” to our Clients and the Members of our Country Clubs. We are supposed to have the answers to help them live HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIVES!! If we make excuses why we can’t eat the way we should and get the adequate amount of rest our bodies need; what kind of example are we setting for our Clients and Members?

All my Clients know I live on Life Time supplements!! I take the AM/PM Performance MultiVitamin (when I’m not on the D.TOX Program), Amino Recovery, Omega-3 Fish Oil, Digestive Enzymes, Calcium + Magnesium, Relax, Whey Isolate Protein, Collagen Peptides, Vegan+ All-In-One, Life Greens, UCAN Hydrate and UCAN Energy. I work diligently with my Clients in order to educate them on the importance of protein and other supplements found in the Life Cafe. I also invite them to join Jean and me for Surrender Yoga on Sundays and help them to understand the importance of Active Rest and Recovery. At the end of the day, you can tell your Clients what to do, but you have to do it yourself to show them it is possible!!

During the 60day Challenge, I have dropped from 19.6% Body Fat down to 14.8% Body Fat!! That is just shy of 5% in just 60 days. I have no plans to stop there and am looking forward to being below 10% just in time for Summer!! Our mothers may have always told us, “Make sure you take your vitamins!!” Although I know that is important, “MAKE SURE YOU EAT YOUR PROTEIN!!!”

I want to be an example to my Clients and our Members, “QUIT MAKING EXCUSES!!!”