Ross G.

Flower Mound, TX

Ross’s Story

My life encountered a truly fortunate chain of events to get me to the 60day Challenge finish line! It began in January 2023 when my wife and I joined Life Time and met Dani (game-changing event #1) at the front desk. She did something different from every other fitness center we had visited – she said, “Can I show you around?” We said, “Yes!”

For us, Dani’s tour was like visiting “Oz” – restaurant, spa, indoor pools, training equipment as far as the eye could see, first-class childcare, a fully-developed senior adult ARORA program, and indoor pickleball! This had not been a part of our “previous life,” and we felt like it was Christmas time!

But the real question was, “Would we ever actually show up?” Liz and I had a LONG history of being “busy with work & kids” and “never showing up to exercise.” After meeting veteran trainer Gipper (thanks to Dani) Liz SIGNED UP with him right away (game-changer #2), something she had never before done in her life! My wife, at age 66, now has a personal trainer! After her first session with Gipper, she came home energized, excited, and bubbling with information (this is my wife, who recently had a steroid injection in her knee, who doesn’t exercise and is reluctant to travel abroad because of her difficulty walking. She immediately showed me the Life Time App and she brought home a jug of the Life Time Whey Chocolate Protein Powder. That night, we both began eating everything knowledgeably and purposefully. We had fun striving to make the “nutrition pie chart” look correct.

That weekend Gipper sponsored an ARORA Brunch and Bingo event at the Life Cafe. It was fun – we made new friends, and some people (not us) won cool prizes. We also found out that the cafe has great food and is run by nice folks! A few weeks later, I joined Liz for the 60day Challenge. Together, we now feel as though our lives have been transformed! You see, we have never been a part of a fitness program, a nutrition program, or a wellness community. I lost 12 pounds and 6% body fat! Liz dropped a clothing size, and is moving better, and feeling great. Each day we use the Life Time Training App to monitor our food intake. When that app tells you that something we THOUGHT was healthy (at my favorite, healthy restaurant) is really a zillion calories, it makes us think twice about ordering. We began drinking the awesome Life Time Protein drinks twice a day, and cutting down on junk. We have gained energy, sleep better, and are moving better.

We attended about 9 Saturday 60day Sweat Sessions where we met six or seven additional trainers at Life Time – each with their expertise: Yoga, Pilates, Slowburn, Barbell/Kettlebell, and Cycling. We had never heard of any of this before, and the Sweat Sessions gave us a peek into many areas. Now, with a little knowledge and encouragement, we are brave enough to try their classes.

Life Time has positively affected our lifestyle. We are now getting up earlier, and going to terrific morning classes. Liz goes to Yoga and Water Aerobics, while I play indoor pickleball… six days a week! I could write A LOT about the genius of “open-play pickleball.” You just show up and play – no complicated planning to find a foursome, and Life Time has indoor courts! We both are beginning to do light exercise workouts. Everything about Life Time makes us want to show up – welcoming, encouraging staff – the front desk, restaurant, class teachers – EVERYONE exudes positivity about the Life Time community.

This wouldn’t have happened for us without the gentle (but persistent) nudges from trainer Gipper! My wife has never been in athletics, nor has she ever done much physical training. As her health had begun to slip, I believe that Gipper threw her a lifeline just in time. He trains people not just “muscle groups.” He plants and then waters the seeds of desire and commitment in his clients! Liz has never wanted to let Gipper down, even showing up when she is under the weather. As blown away as we have been by the Life Time Brand, I believe that the relationship with their trainer and community may prove to be our biggest life changer.

I now play pickleball almost every morning. Employees Jennette and Misha are our beloved pickleball administrators, guides and friends!