Sofia S.

San Antonio 281, TX

Sofia’s Story

In March of 2019, 6 months after having my second child, I began going through depression. Something was just not feeling right. I was gaining weight and my depression was getting worse. That June, a series of tests showed that I had severe hypothyroidism. We started treatment and then one morning I woke up and I could barely talk fluently. My face was crooked, and my hand was twitching. I ended up in the ER with a calcium deficiency. After three more hospitalizations and countless blood tests, I stabilized but still didn’t prioritize my health. During Covid, I was so busy that I always put myself last. The needs of my kids, my family, and my business came first.

I joined Life Time last May after a series of wake-up calls that convinced me I had to finally start looking after myself and my health. In July, I started working with my personal trainer, Paul S. and in September, I started the Fall 60day Challenge. Then I ended up in the emergency room again, again, and again a third time in two weeks. No one was able to pinpoint what was wrong with me. I had to put my training off for a month since I was in and out of the emergency room. After seeing a series of different doctors, the only conclusion was I had sleep apnea, but that was not the reason why my neck was getting extremely swollen to the point I had difficulty talking and breathing. My mentality switched from “I want to look good” to “I need to be healthier”.

And then I received a call, my cousin passed away suddenly while having dinner at a restaurant due to a blood clot.  We were both the same age. We both had similar struggles. And that’s where my mindset truly changed. I need to be healthier; I need to be strong and be able to see my kids grow up and have a good quality of life.

My 60day Challenge.

When I sat down to talk about my goals with my trainer Paul, we analyzed where I was and talked about what changes would make the most impact. We went over a plan that included training and nutrition.

There were several resources that I used throughout my 60day journey that helped me get to where I am.  An Active Metabolic Assessment, the Life Time Training App for training, the Life Time D.TOX Program, the recipes, group sessions, workshops, the sauna, the pool, and most importantly, my personal training sessions.

  • The first thing I did was to get an Active Metabolic Assessment.  Thanks to that assessment, they were able to pinpoint when I should increase watts while I was working out to get the best out of my workout time and to burn more fat. I got a daily cardio plan that helped me learn how to push myself and achieve the best results.
  • The virtual training gave me a solid set of exercises that I could focus on when I did not see my trainer. On the Life Time Training App, I was able to follow the exercises even if I didn’t know them thanks to all the videos that are shared.
  • I committed to the D.TOX Program at the beginning of the 60 days. I was a bit skeptical before I tried all the recipes but, THEY ARE DELICIOUS and easy to make. I am thankful to Coach Anika who answered my emails with questions I had and directed me to make decisions on how to best do the D.TOX Program. I even took my blender on a family trip to Dallas with the protein powder to make sure I didn’t miss my shakes.
  • I used the sauna to detox and relax after workouts and the jacuzzi whenever I was sore. And believe me, I got sore and walked funny many times after a workout. I used the pool to relax, release my muscles, and get a workout in when it was hard to do cardio.
  • I can’t say enough how much my trainer Paul listened to my concerns and pushed me to achieve the best results. He knew when I was having a bad day, but still was able to have a great workout. He was always looking to modify my routine to ensure I was working all my body. He gave me a series of exercises to do every time I hit the gym to help me with my tough spots to work out. But overall, he pushed me and helped me stay committed to my goals.

My lifestyle has changed dramatically. I stopped craving carbs all day. I attribute that to the D.TOX Program since it helped me get rid of all the toxins and the nutritional program my personal trainer gave me. Now I crave going to the club! If I don’t go in the morning due to work, kids, or other factors, I find a way to get myself there. If for any reason I can’t go, I find myself doing at-home routines with the help of the Life Time Training App.

I feel more relaxed, less stressed, and with more energy. I feel like myself again! I can do everything with my kids without feeling exhausted anymore. My friends even tell me that the old Sofia is back. I am happy. I can’t imagine going back to where I was and I know with the help of Life Time, my trainer, my husband, my parents, and my support system I will be able to continue this new lifestyle that I have. The 60day Challenge not only helped me lose 30 pounds and a lot of inches, but it brought life to my life.