Tony D.

Frisco, TX

Tony’s Story

I am a 68-year-old Italian American that was raised on lasagna and cannolis. I am married to a young, extremely fit woman who is a Life Time Frisco Alpha regular. I have genetic cholesterol and coronary artery disease. My A1C has become high and borderline diabetic in recent years.  I cannot remember when my cholesterol and triglyceride levels were ever normal. In 2010 at 56 y.o., following a year of feeling sluggish that I attributed at the time to growing old, I had a stent installed. Afterward, I felt great. It was like I had a new lease on life.  The doctor told me afterward that I would have stroked in 30 days if it hadn’t been for the stent. The doctor also advised me to take care of the stent by maintaining cholesterol levels and exercising my heart every day.  At least 130 bpm for 30 minutes.  Besides this, the doctor didn’t provide much other advice on how to accomplish this and how to live well.

Fast forward to my annual physical in February 2022, I weighed in at 208 pounds, my cholesterol was high even on meds and my triglyceride was 250.  The doctor’s advice was to diet and exercise.  Like all times before, the doctors advised what was needed but not how to create change in lifestyle that would yield sustainable change.   In late November 2022, my wife became concerned about my wellness and longevity and she demanded that I become a regular at Life Time Frisco’s 5 am GTX.  I weighed 197 at the time.  In 1 month I became hooked on the 5 am daily GTX routine but felt I needed more.  Encouraged by my wife and Coach Sarah, I joined the 60day Challenge in late January with goals to feel well and be well, to have normal cholesterol and triglyceride results, to have increased stamina and strength, to weigh 180 lbs and have a wellness lifestyle that was sustainable.  I also had a goal to work out with my wife.

I started the program by following the diet plan recommended by Sarah.  Life Time Vegan Potein shake after GTX, a Life Time Meal-to-Go for lunch and salad with a protein like salmon for dinner.  I cut out carbs and sweets completely.  I continued with daily 5 am GTX and started twice weekly PT with Coach Sarah to learn about strength exercises.  An Active Metabolic Assessment clarified the zonse that I needed to focus on for weight loss.  I learned a fast walk in Zone 1 or Zone 2 is needed for fat burn rather than running in Zone 3 or Zone 4.   Within 30 days and like never before, my cholesterol, triglyceride and A1C results were NORMAL.  I added Ultra Fit and Alpha to my weekly schedule.  Ultra Fit taught me how to run again and helped me improve my strength and balance. Ultra Fit gave me a burst of energy and confidence that I was on the path to wellness.  In Ultra Fit I mastered stability ball for 2 minutes and 12 mph sprints.  Alpha is also helping build strength.  The push-ups using Bosu and balance ball brought strength.  In all these classes,  I learned to have gym friends and have fun.  I learned that form and technique are more important than weight, particularly from a safety perspective.   I was impressed that all the coaches at LT Frisco were safety conscious.

InBody is great.  It provided me with information that helped in motivation and knowing measurable change.

I started chiropractic treatments with Dr. Logan Mills at Life Time Frisco’s recovery a few weeks ago and after only a few treatments have greater mobility and the numbness in my toes and stiffness in my neck is gone.  I stand straight, have more energy and walk faster.  I am able to do Yoga again.

I never believed that I could ever feel well like this again in my life and, with the encouragement of my wife, my daughter, Coach Sarah and all the other great coaches at Life Time Frisco,  I feel young again and believe that I have a new wellness lifestyle that is sustainable and will yield even more results in months ahead.  My next goal is 170 lbs. by my 69th birthday in 2 months, increased my lifting capacity, master the Turkish Get-Up in Alpha and outdoor running.   For me,  the 60day Challenge is the beginning of a consistent, healthy lifestyle balancing work, exercise, a good diet and surrounding myself with like-minded people.   I love the diet and the exercise.