Jasmin J.

Cypress, TX

Jasmin J

Comfort is the enemy. I spent too many years staying in my comfort zone. I walked just enough. I lounged in bed or on a big comfortable couch. I enjoyed fine dining multiple times a week. The irony is, as “comfortable” of a life I was living, I was always uncomfortable. I used to run cross country. That is the furthest from comfort as you can get. Running for miles. Under the hot sun. In cold nights and through the rain. That discomfort kept me in the best shape. I loved my body and who I was. I was Jasmin.

Being comfortable killed me. When I look back, that’s when I became someone else. I was no longer Jasmin. The change happened so slowly that I deceived myself into believing I was still her, but I wasn’t. People also had me believing I was still the same. They would tell me, “You look great.” “You don’t have to change anything.” “I wish I looked like you.”

These words comforted me. It comforted me, because I had been feeling uncomfortable with my body for so long. I would smile on the outside. Laugh with friends, and push myself to go out. BUT, I wish you could feel, through these simple words of mine, the depth of hurt and frustration that I felt. I FELT LOST AND DEFEATED. I WOULD NEVER AGAIN BE JASMIN. Ironically, this unbearable feeling became bearable. And that made me sad.

My whole family was already signed up at Lifetime Cypress. My brother did the 60 Day Challenge before and lost 48lbs. My sisters were looking great and had grown bigger butts. We’re Latina. This is a good thing lol. The hope and drive to be Jasmin again was back.

I asked my brother and sisters how they did it. They said Personal Trainer Ro Quintero. My brother had hired him for 60 Day. My sisters used his advice to change their routines. Without hesitation I started training with Ro and began one of the most uncomfortable journeys of my life. And it was AWESOME.

We started out with heavy strength training. We did very little cardio my first few weeks. Weight training was the devil. In cross country we never lifted weights. I literally cried during most of my workouts. It wasn’t from complaining or not wanting to. It’s because it was hard and I was determined to do it. (I wasn’t going to share the crying part, but my family convinced me lol -Crybaby Jazz). I gained 5lbs of muscle. So I did a lot of CRYING, over deadlifts, squats, back rows and HIIT circuits.

The last few weeks we cranked up the cardio. Fast and long sessions. Lost 26lbs of fat. I started at 34.8% Body Fat and finished at 16% Body Fat.

I was eating more than before; and, moving less than before, but higher intensity and more frequently. I took supplements to strengthen me from the inside (Glutamine, Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamins, Protein, BCAA’s for Recovery and UCAN for workouts). I would’ve thought fat burners and itchy pre- workouts. I would’ve thought hard workouts everyday instead of Recovery days, yoga, and light cardio 2x/wk. I would’ve killed myself on cardio instead of lifting heavy and getting strong first. I would’ve starved myself until I couldn’t anymore. Everything seemed contradictory.

The BEST part was all of the great food I ate. I never starved myself. We had a strategic approach to my nutrition. The timing of foods and macros for each day were specific. I never restricted or counted calories. The shakes made it easy.

This Challenge changed my life. The plan was to use it as a motivator and a big jump start. Instead, I hit my goal! but I AM NOT DONE. I had 2 goals, lose weight and be Jasmin again. This experience has brought me so many possibilities. I want to be stronger. I want more muscle. I want to do Boxing and train harder. I want to kick ass. This is what I would’ve said before. Now, 60 days later, “I WILL BE STRONGER. I CAN TRAIN HARDER. I AM KICKING ASS!”

The hardest part was dealing with the negativity of others. “Why are you doing it?” “It’s unhealthy.” “You’re too skinny.” I didn’t do this for anyone. It wasn’t to please others. This has always been about me being strong, healthy and loving the body I am in. Not to look a certain way, but to feel good. I look and feel like a strong beautiful woman.

Thank you Lifetime. Thank you 60 Day Challenge. Thank you people I don’t know that encouraged me during my workouts. Thank you trainers of Lifetime Cypress that said hi and gave me praise (On a workout floor full of people, I didn’t think anyone would notice me). Thank you Ro. Thank you family. Thank you Yoga studio for having cold towels (What a life saver). Especially my many visits to the The Zone for recovery. Again my simple words are not giving this justice.

I wanted to get back to being Jasmin. I did; and, now I’m so much more. I’m Jasmin + Crybaby Jazz + That Girl With The Braids + Lifetime + Possibilities.

Now on to my most challenging goals yet. 10 Full Pushups and 10 Bodyweight Pull Ups. If you’re in Cypress, you might hear me crying. Don’t be afraid. Don’t ask if I’m okay. Just join me.

This is my AFTER.

Sincerely, Crybaby Jaz