Winners / Jorge D.

Jorge D.

Vernon Hills, IL

Jorge D

LIFE-CHANGING would be one word to describe my journey in the LIFE TIME 60 Day. I joined the club three weeks prior to the challenge, specifically because I had stopped practicing yoga over 10 years ago and I wanted to go back to classes.

I chose LIFE TIME because my wife pushed me to look for a place that could help me with what I was experiencing. I had been going through a downward spiral for the last two years with the past six months getting deeper and deeper into a depression. My anxiety and panic attacks were weighing on my daily life and activities. I would spend most days curled up in bed with no desire to get up. This was taking a major toll on my well-being and also on my work as a realtor, as I was not driven to go and see clients. To get the energy to start my mornings, most days I would have a large Red Bull and donuts as my breakfast to give me a boost, which would last a couple of hours, but then I would have a sugar crash then repeat with another Red Bull during the day. This took a toll on my health, as my weight was increasing, and my overall health was getting worse. I found myself in a hole that I felt I was digging deeper into with no way out. Most people who know me would never know what I was going through because I would try to mask it as much as possible. Depression has always been a taboo that most people don’t want to talk about, much less admit to it. Sometimes you have to admit it’s OK not to be OK.

During the three weeks prior to the 60 Day, I had been enjoying the yoga classes while doing light cardio as well. One day, while walking with my brother-in-law who joined with me a week after I did, we saw the info on the 60 Day challenge. We decided that would be a good motivation we could both use because I was still not eating well and really had no structure in what I was doing. I thought, “I only pay $60 and I get the tools and resources to get me on the right path? What a deal!”

The experience has been nothing short of amazing from the online resources to Motivational Mondays with Anika and Try It Tuesdays with my coaches. The food recipes, alongside the weekly FREE training classes that they offer, give anyone willing to put in the work the formula to reach their goals. While my physical transformation has been amazing in the 60 days, I am more excited to have my mental state back to 80% of where I was before. I wake up with pep now (no help from Red Bull, lol) and look forward to going to LIFE TIME.

It really is a new way of life.

I want to thank all my teachers from Yoga, Kickboxing, TCX and Zumba classes, to name a few of the many classes that I have taken that have pushed me and brought light back into my life. I also want to thank my wife and son for putting up with my absence, as I am usually in the gym for about 3-4 hours a day. Also, thank you to Brittany, Tracey, and all the other coaches that I have met along the way, who always have time to answer my questions and push and motivate me. Whatever happens in this contest, I already feel like a WINNER! I hope my story inspires people to realize that we are all capable of pushing through and that there is hope with anything we put in front of us. If this is how I feel after 60 days, I can’t wait to see how I feel and look 6 months from now.

Here’s to living my best life and an amazing 2019.