Savage, MN

Keri S.

Keri’s Story

Prior to joining Life Time, I was stuck in a rut. My health, fitness, self-confidence, and motivation was significantly lacking. I wasn’t making good choices related to my health or well-being: food, exercise, or emotional status. I was unmotivated and depressed. These red flags guided me towards joining Life Time and joining the group fitness class, GTX Cut. Thanks to the encouragement of my group fitness trainer/coach, Kelsey, I signed up for the Fit and Festive 60day in November 2019. This was the best decision yet and was the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

During the 60day, my goals revolved around living an overall healthier lifestyle that would support my fitness level, eating habits, and self-confidence. I committed to strength training exercises through the GTX Cut class three times per week, while focusing on low-intensity cardio one to two days a week, and recovery the remaining days. This was my first goal…getting to the gym, no excuses. The group class, with a Life Time trainer and accountability group was just what I needed. My second goal was improving food and beverage choices. As instructed by Life Time coaches, I made it a priority to increase my protein and water intake and reduce carbohydrates and unnecessary fats. My daily goal was to consume 1g of protein per pound of body weight and drink half my weight. Although I did not reach this goal on a daily basis, I made gains increasing both my daily protein and water intake. This also helped me feel full longer and helped reduce my snacking habits. Exercise, coupled with eating cleaner was the change I needed in order to see the results I was looking for, which led to my third and final goal, improving self-confidence leading to self-happiness. The encouragement, dedication, and ongoing support provided by my group fitness coach and participation in the 60day has helped me achieve the results I was hoping for. Not only did I lose weight and body fat, I gained muscle mass. I feel stronger, happier and healthier. I like seeing the transformation. I am proud of myself and my accomplishments. In addition, I have learned and gained invaluable knowledge about what it means and how to execute living a healthier lifestyle. The support of a coach has provided me with training tips, accurate health information, exercise workouts, and alternative, healthier recipes which I might not have considered otherwise.

Thanks to the 60day and the ongoing support of my Life Time coach, I have made significant changes to my lifestyle. I have become more aware of my food intake and the relationships they possess on my health. I have made conscious changes increasing proteins while being aware of healthy fats versus unhealthy fats. I have begun meal prepping to ensure I provide myself quick, easy go-to meals and snacks that will support my health endeavors. Overall, I am more aware of what I am putting into my body and how it will affect me. Maintaining these changes will be challenging, yet I am confident in my ability to do so knowing the outcome…a happier, healthier me. I will continue to learn more about clean eating, exercise routines and alternative workouts, and approach certain foods in moderation. Deprivation is not the answer. Rather, continuing regular exercise and making choices based on knowing how those choices will affect my mood and body will guide me in continuing to live a happier, healthier lifestyle. I am motivated, determined, and ready to take on 2020. Bring on the challenges because this girl is confident in defeating barriers that get in the way of healthier me.