Lauren P.

Pickerington, OH

lauren p. spring 2022 tm winner

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Personal Trainer | Personal Trainer-Digital

Weight Management
Endurance Coaching

Lauren’s Story

One year ago this month, I was gifted a month of training with Paul from a special friend, who had been training in Paul’s Women’s Resistance Training group.  I’d had my 3rd baby in 2020 and was still desperately trying to feel like myself again.  I was frustrated with my lack of weight loss and I was ready to reclaim my body. Since we were still in the midst of the COVID pandemic, and with a small baby, I’d opted to keep my workouts at home, and had just recently returned to Life Time.

​With that gifted one month, I decided to go “all in,” thinking there wasn’t any way I would continue with the group training after that.  I committed to that month’s workouts and to the meal plan.  The comradery and support from the women in Women’s Resistance Training (WRT) and Paul’s dedication to my success were exactly what I was missing in my “at home” workouts.  After seeing results that month, I realized I wanted to make a longer commitment.  I was just wrapping up a school year of having to teach online. I teach kindergarteners and it was, of course, very challenging as many of us are familiar with. Now summer was just around the corner and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to commit for 3 more months.  Once again, I went all-in for the summer; in the back of my mind, knowing I couldn’t make the commitment once school started back up.  The time commitment felt too overwhelming for my family with 3 young children, a full-time job, and all the other life responsibilities.  As summer was coming to an end, Paul asked me to meet with him to set my intentions for the school year.  Is this man reading my mind? I reluctantly, not believing that I could do it, said I would continue with WRT, because I knew I just wasn’t where I wanted to be… yet.

Fast forward to this 60day challenge.  While I have seen so much progress with my body over the past year, I’m never one to settle; up for the challenge of pushing my body to see what I can achieve.  Was it always comfortable? Nope. Was it easy? Absolutely not.  But every time my children saw me walk out of the door, they saw me working for my goal…The determination, the commitment and sometimes the sacrifice it takes to achieve and work for something that is important; characteristics that I hope they will carry into their own lives. I brought my 2 oldest boys to the parents and children workout a few Saturdays back. My sons were able to see a clear visual of a strong mother. I achieved 27 percent of change!!! Gained 2lbs of skeletal muscle mass!!! And I still teach/instruct EDG FLEX at 5:15am. I didn’t give up anything… I gained so much more.

I started this off by saying… “One year ago”. The time WILL pass… What will we do with it?  What can YOU do with it? You, too, have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  I’ve chosen to commit to this lifestyle to be the best version of me and to create an example for my little whys.