Lyndie G.

Kingwood, TX

lyndie g. spring 2022 tm winner

Lyndie’s Story

My name is Lyndie and I entered the 60day Challenge at Life Time with the main goal of losing weight, specifically getting down to 145 pounds which was my pre-pregnancy weight and getting back into shape after having a baby this past year. A few other goals I kept in mind during this challenge were to establish a good workout routine again, specifically get back to working out five to six days a week, and to get my eating back under control.

Prior to this challenge, I was working out about two days a week and my husband and I were ordering fast food almost every other night. My eating habits changed significantly after having a baby and I was not doing much to try to be active to get back into shape. Because of these lifestyle habits I had created for myself, I was the heaviest I had been in a long time. I have always believed getting healthy and getting into shape is all about your mindset and prior to this challenge I was not in the right mindset nor did I have the motivation at all to even want to try. Once this challenge began, I knew I was 100% committed and I was fully focused on achieving my goals.

Life Time helped me significantly in achieving all of my goals. Not only did I attend almost every single 60day sweat session, but the personal trainer that led the Sweat Sessions did an amazing job at holding me accountable and making sure I kept on track each week. I absolutely loved these Saturday morning “Sweat Sessions” because it was something that was scheduled each week which meant I had to show up. It was almost the same people attending each week, so if I happened to miss it one week, people noticed I was not there and asked me where I was. The accountability that came with this challenge was incredible and it is one of the biggest things that really helped me stick with it until the end.

‚ÄčI have learned a significant amount through this 60day challenge. I am proud to say that not only did I achieve my weight loss goal, but I surpassed it. I have also learned to eat the right way again which means no more fast food each night for me. I have also re-established a good workout routine by working out six days a week again. This includes multiple fitness classes at Life Time and a couple of days of my own weight lifting and cardio. I have fallen in love with the variety of classes that I have taken during these 60 days and I do not plan on stopping! I plan on continuing to eat clean and keeping up with my newly established workout routine. Because of the friendships I have made through this, I know I will be continued to be held accountable. I have learned so much about myself through this challenge one of the biggest things being my determination. Once I set a goal I set out to achieve it and I do not stop until I do. It just feels good to feel good again and I don’t plan on stopping!