Mary P.

Roseville, CA

Mary’s Story

I confess, I was intimidated when I first joined Life Time. I feared failure and injury due to past experiences in gym workouts and lack of positive results. I had figured it was a waste of money.

Life Time changed my life! From the moment I walked through the doors, nothing but encouragement, help, and directions led me toward this new found way of life. I am not only seeing transformation in my body, I am seeing my potential to accomplish activities I thought were no longer possible. This journey has been the best investment I have made in my personal health and well-being.

I experimented with various classes at first only to find my balance and lack of coordination making it difficult to accomplish routines. So I decided to enlist help from the wonderful trainers on staff. Trainer Joe F. patiently got me started with foundational movements that opened the doors to seeing my potential and wanting to come back for more. It was not easy, but I kept coming back.

I knew I needed accountability in tackling unhealthy nutritional choices and enlisted trainer Clarke B. to help me change my dietary habits. After a couple of months, I became aware of the need for full accountability in my workout routines as well as nutrition. I began working with Clarke full-time. Under his guidance, especially throughout the 60day Challenge, he helped me develop healthier dietary choices by logging my meals. He coached me through the value of proper nutritional balance, water intake, as well as caloric intake and expenditures. Clarke guided me through my workout routines that implemented not only strength and flexibility but also incorporated mobility exercises that focused on my balance and cognitive skills. During the 60day Challenge I learned about HIIT and LISS which vastly contributed towards the improvement of my stamina and endurance.

I was never bored and as a result found my strength, balance and mobility improving daily. Where I could not stand on one foot or walk a straight line without losing my balance, I am now doing so and finding continual improvements and capabilities as well as an incredible increase in my endurance and stamina. My life has changed dramatically in so many ways since starting my journey. Since March 2022, I have lost over 50 pounds (14 during 60day Challenge) and have gone from size 2X to large. I am no longer on blood pressure medication, and my insulin has been cut from 40 to 12 units. My doctor says at this rate, I will successfully reverse my diabetes.

Each week showed success not only on the scale but in the transformation of my physical body. Household chores were challenging and I was ready to consider outside help. Now I am able to complete them with ease. It is my goal to begin participating in activities such as 5Ks and return to horseback riding, which I long ago gave up because I had become overweight and lacked strength and confidence.

Life Time not only provided me the assurance I can reach my ultimate weight loss goal, but also a community in which I find constant encouragement, and camaraderie in my journey toward health and well-being. I now enjoy walking regularly for 5+ miles, working through my strength and agility routines, as well as socializing with others. I still have a ways to go, but I now see the possibilities and have confidence I can continue safely on this journey toward a full and healthy lifestyle. Thank you, Life Time for giving me back my life.