Nicholas S.

Flatirons, CO

Nicholas’s Story

Working as a trainer at Life Time in Flatirons Colorado for the past year has been an incredible experience. I have formed great relationships with my clients and coworkers. However, I have been so busy helping my clients achieve their goals, I have not focused on training myself and achieving my own personal goals. Prior to the 60day Challenge, I was sedentary and out of shape. I was starting to experience back pain and overall felt sluggish. I knew I had to turn things around to set a positive example for my clients.

When our PT leader told us about this 60day Challenge in our team meeting, I immediately became excited. I knew this was an opportunity to motivate my clients and drum up new business. After signing up 20 clients/members for the 60day Challenge, I realized this was my opportunity to turn my personal fitness around and lead by example. I have several lingering injuries from football and track in college and I knew this was also an opportunity to reduce pain and improve performance. I just need to reform the habits that led to success for me as a college athlete.

To get the ball rolling I not only signed myself up for the 60day Challenge, but I purchased some personal training sessions with one of my fellow trainers as well. I knew I had to dial in my nutrition and be consistent with my workouts. Having a coach was a great decision to start things off right. I set a body re-composition goal and a goal of being able to dunk a basketball again. I started things off with 5 to 6 days of working on mobility and core. I also started performing resistance training 3 times per week. Lastly, I added 2-3 hours of cardio to my lifestyle. One of the best things about all these changes is the friends I have made performing these workouts at Life Time. I have multiple cardio partners now that I can text any time I want to focus on my cardiovascular fitness.

The 60day nutrition guide really helped me to find enjoyable recipes that fit my macros. I also reduced my alcohol intake which contributed greatly to my success. Utilizing the app for accountability was also essential to staying on track. After working hard through my workouts for the past 2 months I can dunk a basketball once more. Also, I have lost 16 lbs. of fat and gained 4 lbs. of muscle. I am extremely grateful to have participated in this challenge and I am incredibly happy with the results. Going forward I intend to purchase more personal training sessions for myself and continue improving my nutrition by 1% every day. I also intend to participate in more yoga classes to improve my flexibility and strength. To improve my cardio, I am going to try out our Ultrafit classes to challenge myself even further going forward. Overall, I feel I have barely scratched the surface of my potential and I look forward to taking advantage of the numerous opportunities at Life Time.