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I was motivated by all the winners that Dublin has had over the past three 60-Day Challenge.  I personally have worked for Life Time for 10 years and the clubs I have worked at never had a winner. In the 2 years I’ve been at Dublin we have now had three. Each story was amazing and the results were even better. For 8 years of my career I have been selling memberships and showing people how Life Time could help them, explaining our terrific programs and all that Life Time has to offer. I was and have always been so proud of my members for their success and would love sharing their stories with my wife. Somewhere along the way, I stopped caring about myself. I don’t know why or how? But it happened. I became overweight and out of shape, BAD. I was 216 lb. and 32.7% body fat. The absolute heaviest I have ever been. I’d see myself in pictures and not even recognize the person looking back at me in mirrors.  I needed a change.

I am now 188.6lb. and 23.1% body fat.

I started this 60-Day with a goal to stick to something and take my own advice. Advice I have given to thousands of people. “Do our programming and stick to a schedule and results will follow.”  My goal was to lose 17 lb. and get under 200 lb. I sat down with Kelsey Mueller and we discussed several options. After doing a “myZone” she recommended I do our detox program and I agreed. Before I purchased it she said “I don’t want you to do anything unless you are all in, so how do I know you are all in Nick.” I laughed and thought she was joking. But she wasn’t, so this was kind of the turning point for me. I explained to her how monthly I do TI test outs for the New AMs going to cert. I use a scenario. It’s supposed to be made up but it’s my story. I’ve used it for the past 5 months. “I want to lose 30 lbs and look good for my anniversary; I want my wife to be proud when we take pictures on a beach.” She thought that was awesome but pushed me more. What else, she said…….I thought about it and honestly I hated how I looked and felt. But another factor for me is hopefully I can motivate others.  My parents who are in incredibly bad shape. My Dad is a diabetic and 80 lb. overweight and my Mom has fibromyalgia and is 50 lb. overweight. Sometimes they will call me in the middle of the day and I think, “that’s the call.” That one of them has passed. I’ve tried all sorts of ways to get them to be healthier but nothing has worked. Maybe if I showed them that I can make a change they can too. I also wanted to motivate my sales team. We’ve got to practice what we preach and who better to start that message than myself.  After explaining all that, Kelsey told me she would help me.

She wrote me up a few workouts to follow and we set up a meeting at the midway point. I started the first month with the Try-It Tuesday events and those workouts she wrote out for me. I wanted to start the DTOX in month 2. The first Tuesday was the smart shopping event and that was great. It was an amazing refresher on what to get at the store. Diet is huge and this was monumental in my success because my current diet consisted of mostly energy drinks and pizza.  Event 2 was TEAM Burn and that kicked my butt. I continued attending all our events. The first 2 were the biggest game changers for me because they reminded me of how fun this all can be. I started seeing results right away and haven’t had pizza in 2 months now or any caffeine for that matter.  I lost 13 lb. in the first 3 weeks and was on a roll. Then I started the detox and my life will never be the same. I stocked up on DTOX approved foods and made sure I didn’t waiver. I actually became pretty darn good at cooking chicken. I ended up losing 27.7lb. and 9.6% body fat. I didn’t even want to eat unhealthy after I got going and I love bad food. The biggest thing for me was Kelsey checking in with me and working with me through the process and staying disciplined to the DTOX.

Through this process I have learned how to eat properly again and find the balance I need to stay healthy and not be overweight. I still have some goals I want to achieve in our next 60-Day. But I know I will be able to keep the weight off because of everything I have learned during these past 60 days. I had great support from my wife Whitney. Without her I would not have been able to be so successful. My GM, Jessica Orwig, and my sales team all were instrumental in keeping me on point. I had a great support system that kept me motivated. I can now fit into clothes I didn’t previously fit in, including my wedding suit which I haven’t been able to fit into since my wedding day in 2016. And now I don’t have to walk around the club sucking my gut in all the time. That was exhausting.