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Nicole H.

75.71% change in body fat percent *

*Results not typical

Nicole Front

Being a teacher, I’ve always devoted my time off to building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, last summer my boyfriend and I decided to embark on our first Life Time 60-Day Challenge together. I was the strongest I’ve ever been and looked the best I’ve ever looked. The 60-Day Challenge motivated me like no other program I’ve done before. The discipline it instilled in me gave me such a sense of accomplishment. It was exuberating! But, I also had two full months off to focus and dedicate myself fully to my goal without any other distractions.

Then, the fall came and life got busy again. Work took over and I fell back into my “normal” routine. Constantly on the go working two jobs, I didn’t have any time for myself. Slowly my mood started changing. I was constantly stressed and often irritable. I became lethargic and extremely unmotivated, not caring or having enough energy to work out. Friends and family started to notice these changes, but I always insisted I was fine. Deep down I knew I wasn’t. I felt depressed. I knew the lack of exercise and poor eating habits had taken a toll on me. If I wanted to feel as great as I did last summer, I couldn’t make excuses and I had to find time to take care of myself.

My boyfriend suggested doing another 60-Day Challenge. At first I was reluctant thinking, “There is no way I could manage that much of a commitment and give my all during the school year.” But he convinced me and we signed up to participate in the 60-Day Challenge again, this time while I was working two jobs. It was much harder. I had to force myself to create time within my busy days to work out and I had to plan meals well in advance if I didn’t want to cheat on my diet. It took a lot of self-control on my part. Sometimes forcing myself out of bed way before the break of dawn to even get a workout in. Luckily Life Time made that possible. With the help of convenient hours, weekly weigh-ins to hold me accountable, and support from our trainer Edwin, I was able to stay on track. The LifeCafé provided me with many “on-the-go” snacks that saved me from cheating on my diet as well.

As the weeks went on, I not only began to see my body transform, but mentally and emotionally I felt like myself again. It was the program that gave me purpose and the drive to keep going, even on my longest of days. Now I feel more energetic, I’ve become more productive and motivated throughout the day, and I’m ME again.

I finally stared at my pictures this weekend. “How did I let myself get to that point,” I thought. I remember dreading taking those pictures. I was embarrassed of the way I looked. Putting on a brave face, trying to force myself to smile for at least the front view picture, and wanting it to just be over already. Then, I looked over at my after pictures. WOW. I couldn’t believe the difference. That is the person I know. The one with a glow in her eyes and a smile that is contagious, proud of herself. I had somewhere along the road lost that fire inside of me.

I’m so thankful the Life Time 60-Day Challenge helped me to find myself again. With the support of my Life Time community, the trainers, classes, and of course my family and friends, I transformed into the best version of myself. The motivation and dedication this second Challenge instilled in me gave the resources, confidence, and drive that encourages me to become better every day. I too often used work and my “busy schedule” as an excuse that prevented me from doing what I enjoyed the most. This journey over the last 60-days has taught me that we alone can control our destiny if we are willing to put in the work. I will forever keep the skills I’ve learned throughout both Challenges to push myself to be my best today, but even better tomorrow!