North Dallas, TX

Paul M.

Paul’s Story

This marks my third 60day this year, and I can attest: these programs have helped change my life. My experiences have given me the results, momentum, mindsets, and confidence to become the best version of myself.

The RESULTS? Over a year ago, I weighed 300 pounds and had over 40% body fat. Now, I weigh 188 and have dropped to 14% body fat. This is my lowest weight since high school. I have steadily dropped most of these pounds during these programs.

My health has greatly improved overall. My doctor was amazed that my blood work has now returned to a healthy range across the board. I was cleared off all medications. I sleep better, have more focus at work, and have energy to enjoy a full weekend.

My stamina has increased leaps and bounds (literally), and I am stronger than ever (as measured at my reassessments). The results have given me enough growth and excitement to also begin mixed martial arts. I will test for my third belt this month!

The MOMENTUM? I have been set up for long-term success. I now tell others about five key things, all of which you experience firsthand through the 60day:

  • Smarter Eating – I have made a commitment to better eating habits, such as replacing sugary drinks with water. I have also followed the wisdom I learned during the Nutrition Q&A.
  • Intentional Movement – We experience a variety of workouts in the 60 Day. I have found new things that I really enjoy. The sessions helped me feel comfortable on the fitness floor, and I feel better prepared to venture out on my own. Also, I was empowered to exercise smarter – not simply harder – by learning more about my heart rate zones through metabolic testing.
  • Resistance Training – Through the 60day, I learned that trained muscle is able to burn more body fat. Plus, core strength helps prevent injury. I have now joined the GTX and Alpha flex classes, which include both interval and strength training.
  • Team Support – The camaraderie I have experienced in the group classes is unbelievable! The encouragement and support keeps me committed to the class.
  • Expert Help – I never would have made it this far without the trained professionals at Life Time. The staff has been very encouraging, and they really care about my goals and my well-being, even beyond just losing weight. They are always excited to see my progress.  I owe most of my success to their guidance.

I feel prepared for a “Life Time” of health. I continue to have 12 overall goals: drink enough water; no sugary drinks; reduce sweets to celebrations; eat out less and cook at home more; be active; eat real food; add supplements as needed; educate myself; set a healthy evening + sleep routine; seek healthy motivation; try new things; and rely on my faith.

The MINDSETS? I’ve learned to show up for myself. I’ve seen the power of small changes, applied consistently, over time. You don’t have to go fast to get in shape… you just have to go.

Plus, everyone needs a “why” beyond merely looking good. I have let go of guilt, shame, and even perfectionism. I now exercise so that I can be a better co-worker, uncle, and friend.

I now think in terms of cost switching. I used to think, “Being healthy is too expensive!” You know what is for sure expensive? Medications, doctor bills, and hospital stays. I’d rather invest in my health now.

Life balance is also key. There are mental, emotional, and spiritual components to health. I’ve sought to have fun and try new things, like the Surrender yoga class. It has kept me grounded and grateful. It really is a journey of the whole person.

The CONFIDENCE? I used to worry– will I fit into that theater or air plane seat? Will this trip require walking? Will I be able to wear anything in this store? Now, I am experiencing the freedom and confidence to live my life. I no longer let fear keep me from things I enjoy. I am becoming the whole person I’ve only dreamed of being.

I was invited by my North Dallas club to share about my journey to the area staff. It was a tremendous honor, and it ended with a standing ovation. It was one of the best moments of my life, to date.

The experience—really, the gift—of the 60day program has taught me how to choose sustainable health, bolstered by proper perspective, right motivation, and self-confidence. With all my heart – thank you, Life Time!