Dublin, OH

Rachael E.

Fitness has always been a central point in my life since childhood. I was your typical tom boy growing up, always participating in athletics and trying to be as competitive as possible. Staying active has played a huge part in keeping my sanity throughout college and acquiring a bachelor’s in Nursing. After college, I found my now husband who luckily was just as in to fitness as I was. We enjoyed spending time together at the gym or on runs/walks.   We moved around multiple times and finally ended up within range of a Life Time. I started attending group fitness classes and fell in love. Shortly later, I became pregnant with our first child. Pregnancy was hard for me just solely for the fact that I knew I was gaining weight. I gained 50 pounds and it literally tore me apart every time I got on the scale. Ultimately, I had a very healthy pregnancy and baby and was able to drop those pounds within 9 months. A couple years later, I went through pregnancy again with the same story. That time, I dropped the pounds within 6 months and even ran a half marathon 9 months postpartum!

I believe being “fit” and “healthy” is like a puzzle. There are so many pieces to the puzzle but until you straighten them all out and connect them appropriately, will you see the big picture. I started to really dive deep into my eating and drinking habits. My first game changer was doing the Gut.Fix. Along with the Gut.Fix, I took the Performance Multivitamins, Fiber, Collagen Protein, and Vegan Protein. I’m in love with these supplements and they will continue to be a staple in our household.

My husband and I decided to do this 60 Day together and it has definitely helped us keep each other accountable. He too, has seen amazing results and in turn we are happier and healthier having more energy. We hope to show an example to our two girls that staying healthy and active is extremely important in life. Throughout these 60 days, we went through a couple circumstances that could have thrown our goals off track. First of all we moved. Everyone knows how stressful moving can be, let alone with two small children. Neighbors left us donuts, alcohol, cookies, etc. We were very grateful and tempted but I’m proud to say we did not fail to stick to our goals! We were committed and stuck to the plan. A day and a half after the move, we went on a trip including 18 hours in a car and 5 days in a hotel. We planned accordingly and prepped our meals in advance to avoid fast food or fast snacks. The 4th of July came and family/friend gatherings were happening. We were “those people” who brought their own food and avoided the barbecue and assortments of desserts but I was not ashamed. We had our goals in mind.

One of the best things I have done within the past year and a half is become a group fitness instructor, member of Alpha, and soon to be coach of GTX CUT at Life Time Dublin.  I love being able to display my love for fitness on stage in front of large groups of individuals and motivate others to push themselves to the max. I currently teach three intense formats weekly including Kettlebell Kombine, Tabata, and Xtreme. Alpha pushes me to my limits and the changes I have seen in my body is extremely exciting. I feel lucky to be a part of a team who pushes each other and supports one another every single day. My coach, Jake Zuniga, has truly been there for me every single step of the way. From every silly question to intense workouts where I wanted to stop.  He educated me on my diet and has taught me the ins and outs of isolated muscle training. The 60 Day has been an amazing chance to prove to my classes and team members that it is possible to stick with your goals and see the wanted changes I have been looking for. I hope to be able to inspire my clients and help them reach their goals! I want others to see that if I can do it, they too can! I’m excited to promote Life Time in every aspect and truly believe this company has changed my life!