Rob J.

Fort Worth, TX

Rob J

My Story…

All my life I’ve been active and considered myself relatively healthy as well as competitive. I fell in love with the sport of marathons and triathlon. I competed in 10 marathons, Ironman Texas and Ironman Couer d’Alene. With each one, improving my time and performance. Unfortunately in 2015, I suffered a tear in my left knee requiring surgery and as a result had to hang up my running and bike shoes.  I found myself falling in a slump of depression and complacency and quickly put on 60 pounds.

The last 2 years have been a struggle.  Being “Fit” to “FAT” was a road that was full of stress and challenges, that I personally didn’t meet head on. Additionally, my wife was in a life changing, multiple injury car accident, where my only focus and priority became her recovery. She walked away with a injured wrist from what most said was a miracle.  Or so we thought.  Two weeks later her symptoms of the traumatic brain injury/concussion appeared.  After a year of therapy and treatment most wouldn’t know of her daily struggles.  But I needed to be better for her.

Last year I decided to join LifeTime in Fort Worth, where I met some like minded triathletes that quickly became friends. I expressed that I needed something to motivate me and get me back into shape. They suggested take Christa’s EDG class. Christa made an announcement in the class about something called 60 day challenge. I had no idea what it entailed, but thought if it could help get me back on track, why not? Christa met with me to discuss my goals, took the time to help set out a plan for my workouts and set me on a clear path nutritionally in order to keep me properly fueled. I started this journey with one goal in mind…to get healthy and feel well again.

I started at 242.8 lbs. with a BF% of 25.4%.  Now I stand here at 206.3lbs. and BF% of 15.1%.  I could not have accomplished this without the tools the 60 Day Challenge provided.  From the initial Assessment Workout, the weekly check-in’s, the classes made available to find what you truly enjoy, and the community environment of all participating.  I found myself back in the pool participating in the Lifetime Masters Swim class and as I followed the plan and program, I could not wait to get to Lifetime each day to challenge myself.  My 60 Day Challenge experience was amazing and look forward to the next, setting new goals and achieving them.

I am that a better man.  I feel great and my motivation is at the highest.  I have the energy to provide whatever is needed and my outlook is bright compared to feeling lost and complacent with what had been thrown my way.

I can’t recommend the 60 Day Challenge at Lifetime Fitness enough.  They have given me back my “GET AFTER IT”!