Robert L.

Oakbrook, IL

Robert’s Story

My goals during the 60day process were to get into Life Time five days a week to work out, adhere to a strict diet and follow the instructions of Coach Anika and my trainer, Roy Williams, with no deviation and no cheating. With this, I wanted to lose ten percent of my body weight, lower my body fat by twenty percent and gain at least five pounds of muscle. I surpassed all these metrics by more than triple. I came to the gym every day, ate a caloric-restricted, high-protein diet per Coach Anika and Trainer Roy’s instruction, and drastically changed the overall composition of my body.

I specifically signed up for the challenge as, the week before, I went to my physician for my annual check-up. She said that if I didn’t get my weight and fat under control, I would be a diabetic in three years and that my life expectancy will be shortened soon after that. I have three children – two of which are young girls that I one day need to walk down the aisle. When I saw the 60day Challenge, I saw that as a sign that this challenge was for me to enter (and to win).

I would not have been able to have lost so much weight and body fat and gain ten pounds of muscle, without the guidance and resources that Life Time offers. Whether it be the weekly 60day Challenge e-mails, the resources that are available on the Life Time website and app (as well as the Training App), GTX class, Sweat Sessions, the numerous locations that I was able to visit throughout the United States while I was traveling during this period to keep me accountable, learning to play Pickleball (which has been soooo great!!!!) and the overall ethos of what Life Time stands for – a desire to change your life to a healthy standard and TO KEEP IT THIS WAY. I picked all of this up during my 60day Challenge journey and it has been the most rewarding experience I have ever gone through in my life. I am so very grateful to Life Time for offering this challenge – it truly has changed my life. I fit in clothes and sizes that I haven’t fit into in 25 years. This process has changed my overall outlook on life. I am now able to play catch with my son and able to reach the ball when it isn’t perfectly thrown in my glove; I am able to jump on the trampoline with my daughter and not fear having a heart attack; I have the strength to throw my youngest over my shoulder and not have back pain. I can sleep throughout the night and don’t wake up unable to breathe. My snoring and heartburn have gone away. It truly has been a revolutionary life experience.

I plan to continue to monitor what I eat akin to the way I have been eating – limiting bad carbs and sugars, and replacing them with healthy grains, protein, fruits, and vegetables. Instead of laying on the couch after work, I am going to go for a walk- maybe even ask my neighbor if I can take their dogs for a run! I am going to get to Life Time at least five times a week. When I can’t get here because life gets in the way, I will maintain an active lifestyle. At the end of the day, if I cheat, I have learned during this process that I am only cheating myself. I am grateful that my club has installed dedicated Pickleball courts and I plan on continuing to play on them as many times as I can each week. It is an addictive support and a great cardio workout!

As for my eating, the recipes that were e-mailed to me were delicious! Whether it be the breakfast bowls, creamy wild rice soup, or the buffalo chicken dip – they were great! I also valued the tips on limiting my sugar intake (I didn’t realize sugar was hidden in so many things that I snacked on…they were quickly cut out of my diet, which made a significant impact). The recipe book, shake guide, and meal plan were ESSENTIAL elements to my success. I learned that getting to the gym meant nothing if I wasn’t eating right. This was crucial in ensuring my success.

In short, my life is on a 180-degree different trajectory than it was on September 10. I never believed that I could have done it and achieved these results. But I did it and, regardless of what happens in this competition, I will forever be thankful to Life Time for offering this program and for what your company stands for. I will be the best member ambassador your organization has ever seen because, if it weren’t for your company, I don’t know how much longer I would be alive. In this season of thanksgiving, all I can say is – thank you, thank you, thank you.

Finally, I wish to thank all of those at Life Time Fitness Oak Brook who have encouraged and supported me throughout this journey. You have no idea how a small word of encouragement, a pat on the back, a simple smile, a hard stare, or a small compliment have meant to me and kept me going when I felt like giving up – Jack L, Frank K, Lauren W, Juliet R, Roy W, Jerry L.