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Robert W.

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My goals during the Life Time Fall 60-Day Challenge were simple.  I wanted to lose about 20 pounds, reduce my body fat percentage by half, improve my overall fitness and fix some gut issues.

To accomplish these goals, I started by using Life Time’s GutFix program.  I was a little nervous about this since it was a 30-day program but I was having some IBS symptoms, skin issues, and my weight loss had stalled.

The program was very comprehensive, providing recipes, meal plans, and online support.  As the program progressed I experienced an increase in energy levels.  People began commenting that my skin looked better.  In the first two weeks I began losing weight and dropped over 10 pounds!  By the end of the 30 days my IBS symptoms had disappeared.

The next step for me was Life Time’s DTOX Program.  I knew it would be important to remove built-up toxins so it would be easier for my body to lose fat.  Following the DTOX was easy.  The approved food and supplement list made shopping easy, and there is nothing like having a meal plan to follow!  I don’t have to answer that question: “What’s for dinner?”

From the beginning of the Challenge I was following a custom cardio plan designed on the results of my Active Metabolic Assessment.  I knew my cardio sessions were being done with the proper intensity to promote the most efficient fat loss.  I don’t know about the rest of the Challenge participants, but my life is busy and I don’t have time to waste!

When it comes to strength training you can’t beat Life Time.  The equipment is top-notch and there are so many options that working out never becomes stale.  This is important to me because if I get bored with my workouts I will be less consistent.  The trainers (my co-workers) were very encouraging and helpful.

Looking back on these last 60 days I’ve come to realize that there are some lifestyle changes I need to make.  Number one being I must be more diligent with my nutrition if I want to avoid gaining weight and body fat.  Eating clean, supplementing properly, and following the guidelines outlined in Life Time’s Eat Well, Live Well manual are a necessity.  Use the assessment resources that are available.  Follow my custom cardio plan and get my Active and Resting Metabolic Assessments updated as suggested.

I am 57 years old (almost 58) and I am probably in the best shape of my life. People have noticed and I get compliments almost daily.  This does the ego well and helps drive me to continue my journey toward a healthy, happy life!  My progress has affected others as well, motivating my wife and son to “step up their game.” This is one of the best outcomes of this 60-Day Challenge because my son has never really showed an interest in fitness.  As a personal trainer at Life Time, I see numerous “Baby Boomers” touring the club and joining looking to improve their health and fitness.

By maintaining the results I’ve achieved, I hope to be a motivation to others my age and show that with the help of the wonderful resources Life Time has available to its members and team members, any fitness goal or athletic aspiration is possible!