Roxie B.

Vernon Hills, IL

roxie b. spring 2022 partner winner

Roxies’s Partner Story

This 60day Crush Challenge would have never been the same without my wonderful little sister Georgie! We had the best gym relationship throughout this whole challenge. When I was feeling discouraged, she would motivate that right out of me and when she was having trouble, I would put in effort to change her focus. We were such a well-oiled machine; that is the perfect way to describe us.

From my view, it seemed like we really needed each other to get these amazing results. We did training sessions and group fitness classes together. I actually cannot remember a time where we did anything solo; we basically had the same exact gym schedule during the entire challenge.

We held each other accountable. We prepared healthy meals and did our weigh-ins together. We challenged each other to push further than our limits when it came to weight lifting, cardio, water intake, quality of sleep, and rest. The most important part of all is we had fun doing it!

This was hard work, but it was worth every bead of sweat, every sore muscle, every red face we had. My sister and I have been partners in crime since the day she was born so it would make perfect sense that we would be the greatest challenge partners anybody has ever seen!

Roxies’s Story

Wow what a ride! This was my second 60day Challenge and I will say it was a little more difficult this time around. Last round, everything came so easily and naturally. This round, I really had to work for it since I initially lost so much weight. Previously, I lost almost 40 pounds and made it to the top 10 women finalists of the 60day Fall Flex; it was an amazing feeling! Looking back at this 60day Crush, I see more struggles involved, but it makes me even prouder because I came out way stronger!

For this 60day Crush Challenge, I decided to make more goals focusing on strength training rather than just losing weight. My main goal was to have a heavier load when using dumbbells, barbells, and any workout equipment. I did it! I nearly doubled my load and my strength has massively increased. From using the InBody machine scales at Life Time, I was able to see that I lost a bit over 20 pounds, which makes me very happy, but what makes me even happier is seeing that I gained muscle mass. Gaining a good amount of muscle was also a goal of mine in this challenge.

I would like to address something that I accomplished last challenge that I’ve also kept an accomplishment this challenge. My eating habits! A spark was lit in me and I have managed to kill off a 25-year eating disorder that has been the main struggle of my life. When I say main struggle, that is an understatement. It ran my entire life. I truly believe Life Time has been the most significant aid in my cure, with the positive environment and overall healthy atmosphere. It’s what gets me to the gym morning and night; I do a lot of two a days because I genuinely love being there. Everybody is so kind, welcoming, and motivating!

Speaking of motivation, the instructors and personal trainers are top-notch! Any time I’d be in a group fitness class or a training session, they would be my biggest cheerleaders! Pushing me at every turn, getting me to go higher than the limits I set on myself. It feels like they really care and I believe it’s because they do!

My goals moving forward are to keep going! I will continue moving up in load with weight training, attend the classes and sessions morning and night any chance I get, stay consistent with my awesome supplement regimen that I’ve started all because of Life Time, and eating healthy balanced meals!

Sometimes I feel like I should be farther in this journey, but then I take a look at all that I’ve accomplished and remind myself that I’ve truly made a difference in my life. I will never stop reaching for the best version of myself though and I thank Life Time for helping me get closer and closer every day; it’s more than just a gym, it’s a support system and a family!