Winners / Sam C.

Sam C.

Woodstock, GA

Sam C

My name is Sam C. – AKA Santa Claus – I’d like to take a moment to share my story:

Life Time Woodstock has a team of trainers who encouraged me each day from my trainer, Ceddy, up to the General Manager, Pat.

It involved having a goal, setting a pace, eating the right food, enough sleep, and lots of water. The key was listening to my trainer and doing what he told me; well, at least most of what he told me.  Discipline, commitment and focus are key after defining the goal.

After getting advice from my Life Time trainer Ceddy, my goal was losing 50 pounds in 60 days.

It takes a trainer to have accountability, plus a trainer will know how to work with health issues. In my case, my health issues were the excuse not to reach my goal. I am 62 years old. My starting weight was 319 pounds, and I thought I had “bad knees.” Ceddy who is a Corrective Exercise Specialist listened but pushed me to overcome these excuses. My knees needed specific exercises and stretches. As long as I did these, my knees became stronger.

Ceddy sternly held me accountable about my eating habits. The weekly weigh-ins helped motivate me to remain focused. Most of my eating habits had to change. I needed more protein, more fiber, and less starch. I needed Life Time supplements (protein, multi-vitamin, fish oil) to help with energy. Ceddy taught me how to approach food and helped me to choose the correct supplements.

This new found energy ensured my ability to sustain long cardio workouts in addition to the appointments with my trainer. It was important to burn more than 1000 calories per day. In two hours I sometimes reached 1400 calories.

Ceddy had me to purchase an Active Metabolic Assessment which gave my correct training zones and upon doing so I had to send each chart from the LT app to my trainer. He was very adamant regarding me saying in zones 1 & 2 which were tough at first, but I soon got the hang of it.

I realized just how important this was to keep me accountable to my trainer. It was my idea, my goal, my focus, and Ceddy’s encouragement. A solid meal plan linked to strong workouts, along with behavior coaching led to me creating good habits outside Lifetime.

One bad habit we all get into is not sleeping eight hours. There are too many reasons not to sleep enough. Ceddy taught me the importance of good hydration. We need to be drinking a lot more than we do based on weight. In doing so I was able to lose more weight. Never a dull moment.

Like many, I spend far too much time sitting behind a computer, even as Santa Claus. I learned to maximize my daily activities with small changes such as to set a timer every 20 minutes just to stand up and walk a short distance helps. I received a vast variety of knowledge and information from my trainer.

I had to listen in order to achieve success. Ceddy, and other trainers who saw how serious I was, pushed me to meet my goal. While I became one of the biggest losers, I score a big self-win just falling shy by 5lbs of my 50 pound goal. Missing my goal of 50 pounds by 5 pounds was not bad. My career as Santa Claus allows me to carry some fat while I am still fat, 276 pounds is not nearly as fat as 319. I’m healthier and I look, feel and move much better.

I would like to thank Ceddy my trainer, the others in the club, and the general manager, all who encouraged me, but only after I started pushing myself and applying the behaviors I was taught.

The first 10 days were brutal I only loss a few lbs. Even so I kept pushing; even other members started encouraging me.

It started with choosing enrolling on 60day choosing a Life Time trainer this required commitment and realistic goal setting.

I decided I had to listen to Ceddy, stay focused then the work started. I still have about 80 to 100 pounds to go.

It started with determination and it will continue with determined focus. Having a Life Time trainer to provide sound coaching, motivation and accountability regarding exercise, nutrition and sleep was key to meeting my goals and staying healthy.

In my opinion, anyone can accomplish great things if they desire it enough. I have seen people give up when things didn’t work out the way they wanted.

Thank you Life Time and Ceddy for coaching, educating and believing in me.