Sarah I.

Deerfield Township, OH

Sarah I

I was turning 40, and I had felt I was in a lifestyle rut for years.  Desperate for change, I joined Life Time.  Immediately, I paired with a trainer to give myself the extra boost to reach my goal.  With my athletic background, I was sure to look 21 before I turn 40, right?  Wrong.  My trainer, Jay, informed me that starving myself, going on a fad diet, or just doing hours of cardio was setting myself up for failure and/or injury.  He said “Sustainability” was what I needed.  He explained, I needed a lifestyle path that would allow for “life to happen,” and a program to guide me on this journey to a healthy life.  I needed a lifestyle that I could maintain no matter what challenges I encountered. Parties, traveling, and old habits were obstacles that made it difficult to stay focused.

So my LT routine began.  Weeks later, I received an email about the 60 day challenge.  I asked Jay if I should enroll to kick my accountability and workouts up a notch.  He said not to do it unless I was “all in, no half-way.”  I mentally prepared myself for what was to come.

We set goals.  Realistic ones.  Sustainable ones.  All-encompassing ones.  My goals were to lose weight (be at 140lbs), get in shape, feel better with more energy, and fit into my old size 4 jeans.  Another goal was to be a good role model for my children, for they are young and impressionable.  I wanted my children to have a mother that could run and play with them now and for years to come.  I wanted to smile again, wake up energized, and be an inspiration to others.  I wanted to be the change, because mediocrity was not acceptable for me.  I WAS ALL IN!

I signed up for the 60 day.  I weighed in…disgusted and angry.  I knew Jay could lead me to water, but he couldn’t make me drink.  I decided I was going to have DISCIPLINE.  I googled the definition.  It means, “Being able to behave in a controlled way, which involves obeying standards.  Discipline allows you to achieve goals while weeding out the distractions in life”.  Boy, did I have distractions and many excuses.  Food, wine, kids, husband, holidays, t.v., injuries, stress, busyness, etc.  My discipline would get me there and Life Time’s 60-day program would be the means to do it.

So my daily challenge began.  After being greeted by the LT front desk manager, Bria’s, smile, waving to Cliff, the sales manager, and receiving a hug from Carlos, another LT trainer, I’d head to my favorite spin class.  The high energy from Brooke, the instructor, was sure to keep me going.  I have carried with me, her words of encouragement.  While powering up a hill, she said loudly and confidently, “Yes, you can!!”  From that point on, I believed her.  I told myself daily that “yes, I can” push through this squat.  “Yes, I can” swing these kettlebells.  “Yes, I can” finish these mountain climbers.  Yes.  I.  Can.   And I did, one step at a time.  I also used this mantra to be encouraged in my HIIT and Tabata classes.  Practicing Yoga has been great for my active recovery, in addition to using the foam roller.  After time in the sauna, I’d see Mary in the café, where she’d make the most delicious protein shakes.  The educational emails and user friendly App have also been convenient during this challenge.  Because I have used the many facilities, services, and programs Life Time has to offer, I continue to pursue my goal of a healthier lifestyle.

These last 60 days, I have been presented with many challenges.  In the past, I would have put my needs aside and quit working out because of any excuse.  This is where Jay took me under his wing.  He helped me conquer many mental road blocks by reminding me “I can’t make up the past” and to “look forward.”  This encouraged me to show-up, even when my inner self said, “sleep in…food…stress.”  When I was tired, Jay gave me great advice.  “Rest as hard as you work and you’ll be good to go tomorrow.”  He was right.  Jay has taught me “sustainability”.

My 60-day program has also taught me about nutrition; another piece of my discipline.  On Sundays, I batch cook.  I have an on-going veggie box in the fridge for snacking.  I’ve learned to make shakes at home, with LT protein powder.  I track all my food, and have learned about macros.

I have worked hard to fall in love with this process.  Loving this process has not only ensured that my results would come, but that I will maintain these lifestyle changes.  As for those size 4 jeans, they feel great!

Lastly, I have gotten so much more out of Life Time, than a great workout.  I have rekindled old friendships and have made countless new friends.  This family has surrounded me, lifted me up, and is here for me consistently.  They give be the daily boost I need to be successful…sustainable…and to live the life I envisioned.  One final quote from Jay, “If we didn’t have set backs, the wins wouldn’t feel as big.”  Regardless if I win this 60-day challenge, I feel I have already won.  Thank you, Life Time.