Sean B.

Charlotte, NC

Sean B

I never imagined what a gray bracelet was capable of …. What I initially perceived as a meaningless act, putting on my gray Lifetime “Get After It… the 60 day” bracelet 60 days ago, has effectively transformed my physique and psyche.

With the support of Lifetime Fitness Charlotte, including my Lifetime personal trainer Ian Smith and my awesome wife Colleen (who agreed to do the challenge alongside me), I began my journey.  I began three days after my 39th birthday, and 19 years since my last serious attempt at healthy living.   I weighed in for my 60 day at an unsavory 216.9 LBS.

Lifetime Fitness is not just a gym, it is a community, and nothing made that more evident than this challenge.   Post weigh in my trainer suggested that I do the 14 day Lifetime Detox as it would be a perfect way to kick start my journey.    Little did I know what a kick it would be, no caffeine, no alcohol, and no dairy?   I have three amazing kids under four years old at home.  How was I going to stay awake, go to sleep or enjoy a burger?    No worries, Ian proceeded to come to my house on his own time and walk me through the detox program, including a full demonstration on weekly meal prep…. There were no burgers in his prep.    I told myself if I could get through the first week I could get through eight weeks.    One shake, two meal prepped meals, 96 ounces of water, an hour work out a day, and I made it through that week.  I lost 12 lbs in week one and that was just the kick I needed to believe in the process, and believe in myself.

I committed myself to working out six days a week at Lifetime, two days with Ian, and four days on my own.   Each week, Ian created a week long plan tailored toward my goals of losing fat, while getting stronger.   Lifetime became a part of my day, not because I had to go, because I wanted to go.   I incorporated bringing my kids to the kid’s academy, they loved it.    I used the steam and sauna in the men’s lock room post work out, I loved it.   I incorporated Lifetime Vegan protein into my daily diet, having one for breakfast, and another for an afternoon snack.    By week four I was less than 200 lbs for the first time in six years.  I also still had not drank alcohol, the longest I had gone in twenty years.   I am fortunate enough to have the flexibility to work remotely, I began bringing my laptop to Lifetime, so I could extend my workouts, shower at the gym, and log in from the café.  By week six I was sleeping better, thinking better, I felt a like a new person.     My wife and I made Saturday spin classes together a part of our weekends.    My clothes no longer fit, but this time it was because they were too big!

After 60 days I weighed in at 187 lbs,  -30 lbs from my starting weight, and -10.5% in body fat.  I have gone from a size 36 waist to a size 33.    Most importantly I feel like a healthier person.   Post 60 day, I am still drinking my 96 ounces of water, still meal prepping, still working out 5 days a week, 2 days with my boy Ian and still wearing my gray bracelet.   Thank you Lifetime!