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Questions about the 60day? Email the team

submitting your story

important reminders

  • The submission portal closes May 3rd at 9:00pm CST.
  • We highly recommend you save your essay in a file on your computer prior to submitting, in case you have issues submitting.
  • Final stats are NOT included in the judging process.
  • Once you submit, you will receive a confirmation message along with a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, please contact or resubmit your information.

how grand-prize winners are chosen

trophy icon

A corporate committee reviews each entry and selects the Grand Prize winners (2 male, 2 female) based on the judging criteria listed below.

  • “Before” and “After” photos (50%)
  • Success story describing your 60day journey (50%)

winning tips

‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures

icon pictures

Take three (3) “after” photos at home: Front (1), side (2) and back (3).

  • Dress in swimsuit or similar clothing
  • Clearly show paper dated between 3/6/21 and 3/13/21 (recommended, not required)
  • Show 3/4 body or full body to show weight loss or transformation
  • Standing comfortably, without pushing out or sucking in your stomach
  • Mimic posture and clothing in “Before” and “After” photos

your success story

Your essay should explain your goals during the 60day, how Life Time helped you achieve your results, how your lifestyle changed, and how you plan to maintain these changes. The essay is limited to 5,000 characters (including spaces). If essay exceeds 5,000 characters, only the first 5,000 characters will be read.

prize eligibility

icon poses

submit your photos

Take three “before” and “after” photos at home for a total of six photos to be submitted.

Follow our photo tips closely to receive the highest marks possible.

icon story

write and submit  your story

In 5,000 characters or fewer (approx. 800 words), describe specifically how you achieved success during the 60day.