Success Stories / Reed W.

Reed W.

Colleyville, TX

Reed W Front

My journey began December 2016 when I learned that I likely have diabetes.  I was 289 pounds according to the doctor’s visit.  That should have been my call to arms.  It wasn’t.

Timing is everything.  I don’t have enough time.  I’m too busy to go to the gym.  I’m too busy to even walk around the block.  I have to make sure the kids’ homework is done, make dinner, do laundry. I’m too busy because I choose to be.

Homebrewing, BBQ judging, and SCUBA diving are all great and fun hobbies.  I’ve met great people in each.  However, none are particularly active endeavors; all involve much sitting around.  Time rolls on and you find yourself middle-aged and overweight.  You’ve made plenty of excuses about how you got there.  This is what people do.  They sound reasonable.  Nope.  Stop there.  That is what I decided to do.

My choices, my lifestyle, my decisions led me to where I was.  No one else made me overeat, nor under exercise.  I chose by providing rational excuses absolving me of the need to take care of me.  That’s the starting point.  Choose differently.  You are important.  I am important.

I started out by changing what I ate.  I lost a few pounds and was content.  Yay me!  Then the dog came. He forced me to be more active.  My sedentary desires are my choice and not fair to him.  I shed a few more pounds.  Hmmm.  Maybe there is something to all of this.  Maybe I have time in places I chose to ignore previously.  We started to go on longer walks and I lost more weight.  By October I’d lost about 30 pounds through minimal diet modification and walking.  I’m awesome; go me!

During my annual wellness visit, my normal doctor confirmed that I have type 2 diabetes.  It was within days of that diagnosis that one of the Life Time Fitness emails came my way.  I’ve ignored them before but it felt more important this time.  It seemed like a good deal and I made an appointment.  I had a great walk through and the gym and the many activities offered was exciting.  It’s too expensive though.  I am important, I reminded myself.  With a family of 4, maybe we don’t go to dinner 4 times a week and we go to the club instead.  I begrudgingly signed up.

Within my first few visits, I was reminded that I don’t feel comfortable around weights.  I don’t know how to use them properly.  Yep, I joined the club to use a treadmill and pool.  I can walk and swim without paying a monthly fee.  I chose not to do it elsewhere, so why do it here, I asked myself?

Timing is key.  Just after my diagnosis, I got the recruiting email.  I chose to go.  I’ve already had some success; how do I keep it going?  How do I get past the intimidation of the gym?  There it is… the 60day offers classes, group settings, work to my skill level and has someone to guide me.  It uses social media, email and accountability for engagement.  That works for me.  How do I now keep myself committed?

It may be hokey, but the armband was the key to my success.  It was a physical and visual reminder of my commitment.  “Life Time, 60 Day Challenge, It’s On Holiday Strong” are the words written on the band.  There’s a start and a finish.  It’s only 60 days.  I can choose to commit for that long.  Challenge, I haven’t had to challenge myself like this in a long time.  I can choose to accept this challenge.  “It’s on Holiday Strong”.  “It’s On” is in bold type face.  Bring it.  Life Time.  It’s my Life Time.  I choose to own my actions.  I choose to commit to myself and to my spouse and children.  My Life Time is theirs.  I have a partner.  It’s our Life Time.  I want to be there for my kids.  It’s their Life Time and I want to share it during mine.

Having a great coach, other committed team members and knowing that I choose.  It’s my choice helped me make the challenge.  I lost 30 pounds and I know that I regained control of my Life Time.