Success Stories / Rosemary G.

Rosemary G.

Flower Mound, TX

Rosemary G.

My journey on the Life Time 60day is a life changer. I have acquired many skills to develop the best quality of life possible. I didn’t realize I have participated in eight challenges. WOW!

Where did it all begin…? I really don’t know. All I know is I woke up one morning (the day of my yearly checkup) and I weighed 300 lbs. in this 5’ 2” body frame. I was devastated! I was out of control and was having back issues like nobody’s business. Actually, I ended up having 2 upper and 2 lower back surgeries.

Most of my adult life I have weighed between 200 to 240ish. When I came to Lifetime I weighed 237 pounds. I was not a total believer in the gym at that time because of my prior gym membership experiences. It seems in the past, when I walked in the door, I was being assessed. The assessment is, she won’t be here long. However, that was not my experience at Life Time. I actually joined the team at Life Time on my 1st visit with one of your sales representatives. My brother, Sister in Law and my sister were members at the Flower Mound Club.

I started the gym workouts by doing only the aqua aerobics classes. The instructors were very knowledgeable in the classes.  They were open to questions and they would give alternative movement to fit the issues I was having. My knees have been giving me issues for a while. I continued to attend classes 5X per week. Many times I would also attend the class on Saturday.

I started checking out literature about the 60day. My thinking was… I am 59 years old and I am grossly overweight. What can I do or learn from this? At first I thought… NOTHING! I had the mindset of … “oh well… the past was a big hindrance to my effort to try the 1st challenge”. I decided to ask some questions at the customer service desk. I started asking around the gym and listening to everything I could about the 60day.

To be honest, I was scared of going upstairs to sign up for my first 60day. My anxiety and fears were almost overwhelming. I decided I wanted to do the 60day so I sucked it up and made it happen. I slowly approached the first person I thought looked approachable. Bingo! I was a winner!

I discussed the 60day and told the trainer I would return. I looked around and decided the women were all size 2’s. I thought, “why are these machines so close together because real people can’t walk through them”. I saw a sign downstairs saying to use one towel. I thought, “for real?! Really… I needed one towel to cover half of me?!”  I was stacking the deck against the gym. After more consideration, I thought I needed to try this. I thought, “if I don’t try, I will never know”.

I made another trip upstairs to find the trainer I had talked to before. She seemed to be surprised that I had come back to accept the challenge. At that point, I had my buy in because I believed the trainer was concerned about me as an individual. I think we both had a buy in and it spurred me on to handle my business of getting the job done. The journey on my first 60day had a great impact to bring me to this point I am today.

With the assistance of a nutrition coach during the 60day, I realized I needed to have a paradigm shift. My way of thinking was all off. The cutting back on eating or near starvation upon occasion was not my major problem. My major problem was more of the 80% of what I was putting in my mouth. I started using the vitamins, plant based protein, fiber, and fish oil from Life Time. These products made a world of difference, however, purchasing the products wasn’t the issue at that point. I had to use the products. I made the shakes, fish oil and the multivitamin non-negotiable. My best results were when I was consistent about following my action plan. When I started the program I had to determine my end result and plan with my coach. I didn’t always understand their mindset in the beginning, however I respected their judgement and loved the results. It was a struggle, however, I surrendered my old mindset!

The first 60day’s were different in many ways. I had a different trainer for each of the first four programs. At that point I skipped a program or two. On the fifth 60day came Justin Nadeau. He had a different way of handling situations and talking to me to assist with my success. Some kind of way I guess we connected as trainer and trainee. I know I was a challenge for him, but he never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself along the way. Honestly, I wanted to throw in the towel a time or two. I realized quitting wasn’t an option.

I did some PT training with Justin along with my usual workout. Then something happened in November. I found out I had bone on bone in my left knee. Through additional medical exams, I realized I needed a total left knee replacement. Game changer! I had some decisions to make. I decided to continue working out at the gym. I was so committed at that point, I decided to do everything on my agenda that didn’t aggravate my knee too much. Also, I continued on that challenge and joined the next challenge. I did very well on that challenge. My resolve was to continue forward on my quest for a healthier life. Also, I realized along the way, not to beat myself up for the times my results weren’t what I wanted.

I decided to have my surgery on July 26th. From the point of selecting the date, I looked over all the pamphlets and notes I had taken through the challenges. I revisited the Try It Tuesday and the Saturday workouts to assess my best plan. I talked to Zach Wyatt and a select few others for tips to assist me with what I was searching for and needed. ACTUALLY… I WAS AT A LOSS!! With Justin’s help, I had to dig in and reassess where I started and where I was going on this journey.

On the 60day journey, I have ended the challenge in every way possible. I have had times when I lost over 20 pounds and I have even ended up gaining weight. It has been crazy, yet my end results are amazing!! I have had a drop in my bad cholesterol by 45 points. My doctor is not on my back about the Staton Brothers. At this time I have no issues with high blood pressure nor with high cholesterol. I want to remain medicine FREE!

My BMI was 48.8 when I started the 1st challenge and it was 31.9 when I had my last official weigh in. I have lost over 80 pounds since I joined at Life Time. I don’t have the words to articulate how I feel! I have never been healthier in my life! I realize I can do anything in my Life Time!

Now, I have another chapter here at Life Time. I believe one of my main reasons for my success is because of my connections to communities. It is amazing to have conversations with the manager, something I would have NEVER done in the past. I believe the success of a business trickles down hill from the top. When the manager is a people person, the people under him/her follow. I have conversations with instructors, trainers, nutrition coaches and you name it. I have communities within the greater all community. I am grateful to have professionals I can go to when I have challenges and lose my way on my workouts. One of my greatest accomplishments has been to bounce back so fast after my total knee replacement. My belief is God first, my consistency with my workouts prior to surgery, tips I received about strengthening my core, the quads have to be strong pre-surgery, and basically… support… support… support!

I believe the 60day at Life Time really works! It takes hard work, dedication, determination, using the tools given for the challenges, having access to coaches and the check in’s. Accountability makes it awesome!!

I guess the question is… “What’s my after?” I will continue with my classes, work out and do core training. I know I have support when I need it and I must learn how to maintain and complete the last of this life change.

Now, I can use one towel and walk between the machines! AWESOME!!