Taneya F.

Fort Worth, TX

Taneya’s Story

A transformation 5 years in the making that took just 60 days to manifest.

I can vividly remember walking up the stairs at Life Time Fort Worth Alliance one Spring day in early 2022; and there, at the top of the stairs, were the before and after portraits of two gym members, a man, and a woman, who had just completed the first 60day Challenge of the year. Looking at their transformations I felt envious of their drastic physical changes and I immediately regretted not joining when Joel, a trainer that I had worked with previously, had invited me to be on his team.

At that point, I had spent 5 years in various gyms working out five to seven days per week, for one to three hours per training session. Firmly committed and confident that I could do it all myself, I even earned a master’s degree in nutrition and human performance, which I was convinced was all that was needed to successfully obtain my goals. At one point, I had managed to lose 10 pounds, but it was hard. I ate things that I didn’t like and sacrificed so much to lose that weight. It took me a year to get it off and all of Covid to put it back on.

So there I was, filled with knowledge, physically active, and unable to elicit the physical change that I desired for myself, with a resting heart rate that had never been below 63. At that moment, at the top of those stairs, I made a promise to myself that the next time a 60day Challenge was offered, I would join.

In my first meeting with trainer Christa M, she expressed the importance of movement, nutrition, recovery, and sleep, in my health journey. While discussing my lifestyle habits I admitted that I had not been eating enough, and she noted that my feeling “beat up” after Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s training sessions meant that I had not given myself time to recover. This meeting helped me understand that while I was well-versed in nutrition, I knew next to nothing about exercise physiology. After adjusting my weekly exercise routine, daily caloric intake, and macronutrient composition, I was sent on my way to do the work.

Filled with renewed optimism that I was finally on the right path, I immediately began to eat more and placed greater emphasis on high-quality proteins. I followed my new exercise schedule to the letter, making sure to leave room for modification on days that I had poor recovery. I participated in several of the 60-day sweat sessions, completed all of the LifeTime Training app workouts, got a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night, and made a minimum of 4 recipes a week from the 60day meal plan weekly recipe guide.

60 days later, I am ecstatic with how healthy I have become, how much stronger I am, and how my body composition has changed. After a good day of active recovery and sleep, my resting heart rate has been as low as 53, and my HRV as high as 46. I have gained confidence and a newfound love for myself and my abilities that was not present 60 days ago.

The best part about it all is I did not feel like I had to suffer to get here. The comradery among team members and the delicious recipes provided each week have made the last 60-days of focused nutrition, exercise, and sleep rather joyful.

While it’s true that I did all of the work to reach this point, there is no denying the assistance I had in getting here. Christa M, my 60day trainer, has been there for me every step of the way but when she was busy coaching others through exercise sessions, I found support in several other trainers at Life Time. Lee guided my supplemental choice, making Life Time’s Generation UCan and Life Time Amino Recovery part of my everyday routine. Adrianna G. and I spent a day training together. Yesenia B. pushed me to lift heavier and heavier. Tam D and Gina J. led me through some very tough, and humbling workouts. McKenna and Kilgore always encouraged me to do what I needed to do for my body, at that moment, in their classes, regardless of their prepared format, and Joel was always there to check on me and my progress. Yes, I did the work, but I was never alone and I had an incredible team behind me. For all of this, I am forever grateful.

Now, when I post updates of my progress on social media, my friends and followers cannot get over how much I have changed in the last 60-days. Their responses fill me with pride and an altruistic desire to help and inspire others, just like the photos of that man and woman who inspired me earlier this year.

Going forward, I will participate in every 60day Challenge and encourage others to seize this life-altering opportunity whenever it arises.

From the bottom of my heart, for the opportunity to change, to get healthier, and hopefully live longer to watch my family grow, I thank you Life Time, for everything.