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Don’t forget to submit your story! The submission portal will close July 3rd at 9:00pm CST – no exceptions!

inspiration wednesday

week eight

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Find inspiration from past participants’ stories, learn what worked for them and cheer for their successes!

putting it all together

Meet Alex, the 2015 Employee 90 Day Challenge winner. “Nothing works unless you do” was his 90 Day mantra as he set out to transform into the athletic physique he had his eyes set on for years.

don’t forget

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It’s officially Weigh-Out Week!

Make sure you weigh-out with a Personal Trainer June 26-July 1.

Plus, share your story and before & after pictures with us by clicking the link below. The deadline is July 3rd at 9:00pm CST, so don’t miss it!

today’s strength workout

Today’s Warmup

Choose a cardio warm-up or a dynamic warm-up.


warm up

10 minutes total. Start easy, increase speed every 2 minutes.



Complete 10-20 push-ups

Today’s Workout

For the remainder of the Challenge, your strength training workouts will be completed as super-sets. This means you will complete two sets of exercises back to back without rest in between.



Dumbbell Bench Press

1 set of 15.


Cable Reverse Lunge

1 set of 15.

Rest 60 seconds.

Repeat three times.




1 set of 15.


Machine Leg Press

1 set of 15.

Rest 60 seconds.

Repeat three times.



Lateral Raise

1 set of 15.

side bridge 596x324

Side Bridge

45 seconds each side.

Rest 60 seconds.

Repeat three times.

check in along the way

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