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Erin O.

Dublin, OH

Erin O Front

The 60day came into my life when I most needed the motivation, accountability, and commitment to my personal well-being. I had just returned to the Unites States after living alone in Asia for 6 months. Despite my excitement to come home, I faced quite a few challenges upon arrival. A month prior to my return my parents informed my brother and I of their decision to file for divorce and sell our childhood home. I came back to a house that wasn’t home, and a family that felt as though it were falling apart. I spent the holidays jet-lagged, detached, and anxious about my unpredictable future. And to make matters worse, stepping onto the scale in January was heartbreaking; I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, and felt completely out of control. I craved stability and severely needed some extra motivation.

I had to do something for myself, to prioritize my health and practice self care, and to remind myself that I still had power over my life and the way I chose to live it. I met with Jaimie Bowman for my on-boarding session in January, and that’s when she told me about the 60day. As the challenge began, the frustration, exhaustion, and lack of motivation disappeared; I was embraced by Kenleigh Immel’s TEAM Burn class, motivated by my trainer Jake Zuniga, and encouraged by everyone to participate in group fitness classes and club events. I quickly realized there was nothing I wanted more than to dominate my weaknesses and prove that I was capable of change even at the most difficult time in my life. And for the first time ever I had all the resources I needed at arms length.

I will not lie, there were challenges. The first time I set foot in the kitchen, with my macro counter in hand, it nearly induced an anxiety attack. I had no idea what I was doing. But, using the 60day guide as my leading resource, I started with the foods with which I was familiar and built my menu from there. Over time, and with the guidance of others, I learned how to make decent meals that fit into my macros and didn’t taste like cardboard. It certainly wasn’t gourmet, but I was soon able to provide my body with the nutrients it needed to succeed. I conquered meal prepping and discovered delicious combinations of foods that helped fuel my progress. I felt stronger and more confident simply by nourishing my body with clean and healthy meals. And the day the Life Cafe helped me create a body builder shake that fit into my macros was the day the challenge became THAT much more exciting!

I have never been a gym junkie, but suddenly I started waking up for 6:00 am cycle classes and checking into the club twice a day. Jake was an essential part of my journey, pushing me to overcome my physical barriers and stop underestimating my abilities. He and Joe Frakes provided invaluable insight through my Active and Resting Metabolic Assessments that made my workouts that much more rewarding. At Easton, Dana Jones introduced me to the world of Pilates and Greg Hardesty gave me the nutritional coaching I needed to finish my last two weeks stronger than ever. I read every email from the program, spent my LT bucks on supplements, used my spare time learning about multivitamins and muscle development, and gained more knowledge about food than I ever imagined I would. I took advantage of every free trial and sample class that I could, and sat down with anyone willing to impart their fitness and nutrition advice. And throughout the entire challenge Life Time team members answered every question that came to mind and congratulated even the minimal progress I’d made. To say I would not have been as successful without the support of Life Time would be a sincere understatement. I never thought I could step on a scale and be shocked for a reason other than the numbers being too high.

I never thought I could lose 12 pounds and see a 25% change in body fat in just 8 weeks. I never thought I would understand how creatine and BCAAs assist in muscle development, or what the heck a “healthy fat” was. I never thought I would recognize that eating too little is just as bad as eating too much, and that your body needs to rest in order to keep progressing. And I certainly never thought I would be as knowledgeable, fearless, and confident as I am now.

The 60day provided a space for me to practice self love and self care at a time when I needed it the most. I had the support I needed to reach my goals, prioritize my physical and mental health, and to obtain tools for continuing a Healthy Way of Life. In the days that followed my weigh-out I recognized an instinct to continue making healthy choices and workout regularly. The 60day program has truly become a lifestyle that I look forward to each and every day, which is why I can’t wait to participate in the 60 day challenge again this spring and take on an even greater challenge as I join TEAM Alpha. Thank you, Life Time! I couldn’t have done it without you.